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Thread: Sobrie tea in the Booze tab

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    Default Sobrie tea in the Booze tab

    There is a button for dog hair pill. It would be nice to have one for a cuppa sobrie tea.

    Thank you.

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    Already there: dog hair (1 drunk, ~3 adv cost when pre-farmed well)
    Requested: cuppa sobrie tea (1 drunk, 65k)

    Other items in this category:
    spice melange (3 full, 3 drunk, 400k in the mall)
    Ultra Mega Sour Ball (3 full, 3 drunk 9m cost)
    alient plant pod (3 drunk, 8m cost)

    So, how many of those should be listed? UMSB and plant pod are expensive, so probably don't belong. On the other hand, spice melange is as efficient as sobrie tea, per organ space, and both are more expensive than dog hair pill (assuming a normal farming value of 3-4k/adv for the turn cost of getting a dog hair pill). Would we add spice melange?

    At some point, there are too many buttons, and the interface gets clunky. It might be reasonable to argue that dog hair pill doesn't belong there, but removing GUI elements is hard because people are used to them. We can at least avoid adding more though, and I'm inclined to reject this for that reason.

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    alien animal milk (3 full, 10m cost)
    cuppa Voraci tea (increase stomach capacity by 1, 75k cost))


    Towering Inferno Discotheque with Disco Style 4+ (Velvetosity? ) (1 drunk, no cost).

    (The Wiki says this: "Disco Style can be obtained by wearing smooth velvet items. One point of Disco Style is granted for wearing each of the following items: smooth velvet pocket square, smooth velvet socks, smooth velvet hat, smooth velvet shirt, smooth velvet hanky and smooth velvet pants. Wearing a smooth velvet bra does not grant Disco Style." Three of those are accessories. Is this like Clownpsity and Surgeonosity in that duplicates do not stack? No. They are all Single Equip.)

    I think we have enough buttons. On the other hand, we have, essentially, pairs of buttons on Food/Booze panels:

    Barrel Prayer (Turtle Tamer/Accordion Thief)
    distention pill/dog hair pill

    And since there are, again, a pair of cupsa tea, it is appealing to add the pair - but they are dramatically more expensive.

    I'm also inclined to reject this.

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    "Velvetosity" is my new favorite word

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