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Thread: Non-combat queue

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    Default Non-combat queue

    Rather straight-forward title: does KoLmafia take notes of your NC queue for each zone, and if so, how to access it?

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    In ASH, locations have a noncombat_queue field. The easy way to see this and a bunch of other stuff for your current location is by typing this in the CLI:

    ash my_location()
    The way to access a specific location's NC queue is:

    PHP Code:
    $location[The Primordial Soup].noncombat_queue   // replace 'Primordial Soup' with any location name 
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    That won't be accurate all the time though. Superlikelies are added there even though they should not be. Choice adventures that don't take a turn are added there even though they should not be. I doubt those will be fixed any time soon though.

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