I am thinking of:

1) Hosting the non-Bale changes to UR on SourceForge.
2) Granting commit access to anyone I know from Kolmafia.us who asks.
3) Modifying the Script Repository so the difference between the Old and the New is obvious.
4) Encouraging interested users to uninstall the Old and install the New.
5) Creating a new UR thread.

I can only see two issues. First it does appear that I am purloining Bale's work. I am OK with that since he has not responded to several attempts by me to contact him and if he asserts a claim I will honor it. Second, if someone has both versions installed via SVN it is not predictable which one will actually be installed, i.e. the version in /relay. But I think the solution is obvious - uninstall one.


I probably do this on July 9 if no one objects.