The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

Revision: 19011
When voting, add choice spoiler showing what the wandering monster will be tomorrow, if known.

Revision: 19012
When visiting Voting Booth after having voted, fix recognising modifiers after KoL change. Add recognising todays Vote Monster from speech if not already known.

Revision: 19013
Add today's wanderer to the Vote Booth information in relay browser.

Revision: 19014
Can only access GEM store when you have access to Fantasy Realm. Equip GEM if not worn to buy items.

Revision: 19015
Identify more vote monsters.

Revision: 19016
Set choice to use government requisition form.

Revision: 19017
Advent Calendar day one

Revision: 19018
Fix consumption type

Revision: 19019
Jarlsberg potions are multi-usable. Thanks, Taltamir.

Revision: 19020
Fix capitalization

Revision: 19021
"wad of cotton is multiusable, but KoLmafia thought it was not" is no longer the case. Untested.

Revision: 19022
Some daycare stuff.

Revision: 19023
A little Boxing Vote stuff

Revision: 19024
Some daycare tracking. Lightly tested.

Revision: 19025
Lightly tested, recognise item loss through instructor hire, recognise some additonal Daycare text.

Revision: 19026
Lightly tested. Add daycare command to allow collection of items and buffs. Add item as option for breakfast, and buffs to maximizer. Handle small boxing ring.

Revision: 19027
Remove items used hiring instructors at Boxing Daycare

Revision: 19028
traditional Crimbo cookie (and spading on primitive candy cane, runny fermented egg and oldcake)

Revision: 19029
Bauxite Boxers. Thanks to The Dictator in GD Post, stats for Bauxite now handled based on daycareToddlers.

Revision: 19030
Added string [int] session_logs(string name, string baseDate, int range)
Lightly tested and probably violates some formatting conventions because I'm sure I missed something :-)

Revision: 19031
Traditional Crimbo Cookie spading.

Revision: 19032
Some Crimbo stuff

Revision: 19033
Canadian Cabin

Revision: 19034
Arena parameters for Yule Hound

Revision: 19035
Refresh concoctions after getting Floundry item

Revision: 19036
Staff of Frozen Lard

Revision: 19037
Braindeer is combat reusable

Revision: 19038
balanced antler

Revision: 19039
Refresh concoctions after barrel prayer

Revision: 19040
Very lightly tested, relay browser warning when trying to adventure in desert without UV-compass / dowsing rod.

Revision: 19041
antique beer choice option.

Revision: 19042
Restore previous way of updating crafting free counters, as it (mostly) worked.

Revision: 19043
Fix some modifiers. Add boom box tracking in _boomBoxFights. It is 0 after a drop, and counts up to 10 on non-free fights, then next turn will be a drop. Resets to 9 at rollover/ascension. Also add "This combat did not cost a turn" in logs after free fights.

Revision: 19044
In daily deeds, show adventures gained from items when wearing them.

Revision: 19045
More Crimbo stuff

Revision: 19046
Some Crimbo consumable spading.

Revision: 19047
Tiny plastic crimbo items

Revision: 19048
Return an empty array for get_shop_log if there is no shop. Untested.

Revision: 19049
Some more crimboo items and consumable spading

Revision: 19050
No machete warning against Lianas, lightly tested.

Revision: 19051
Hopefully correct check whether hidden city areas are open when getting shrine choices.

Revision: 19052
Recognise learning skill from My First Art of War. Untested.

Revision: 19053
lump of bauxite

Revision: 19054
Knob Goblin spleen changes

Revision: 19055
Some of todays changes, hopefully.

Revision: 19056
The last ballot choice text.

Revision: 19057
Some elf items

Revision: 19058
Arena parameters for Cat Burglar and Elf Operative

Revision: 19059
After leaving Standard, check Campground (untested). Knob goblin items now use spleen so are "chew". Untested.

Revision: 19060
Basic support for sausage grinder and operative dart. Lightly tested.

Revision: 19061
Track daily use of Jerks' Health™ Magazine. Patch provided by Saklad5.

Revision: 19062
Lightly tested. Magical Sausages as concoction.

Revision: 19063
Restore code accidentally removed in previous commit

Revision: 19064
tailored vest, dictionary non-combat (possibly).

Revision: 19065
Crimbo is over.

Revision: 19066
Untested, fix fall select.

Revision: 19067
Untested, if Radio on Conspiracy Island can't be parsed, visit quest log to get quest status.

Revision: 19068
body spradium spading

Revision: 19069
Haunted Hell Ramen is (now) spicy (according to Twitter, anyway)

Revision: 19070
Try again for fail fix.

Revision: 19071
Witchess exists in Campground in standard, but isn't accessible.

Revision: 19072
Check for Standard allowance in witchess command

Revision: 19073
Fifteen Minutes of Flame not marked as old in standard, and isn't usable.

Revision: 19074
set_property() obeys isUserEditable

Revision: 19075
Item drop rates, thanks to Ryo Sangnoir

Revision: 19076
Another drop rate

Revision: 19077
Zeppelin combat rate fix

Revision: 19078
Track fancy chocolate sculpture uses

Revision: 19079
chalk and marble

Revision: 19080
The Sausage Goblins are free

Revision: 19081
Untested. Also log fights as free on non-wins.

Revision: 19082
Update handling of tracking for olfaction-like things

Revision: 19083
Files missing from the previous commit

Revision: 19084
Some halloween candy. New Ultrarare (untested for obvious reasons!).

Revision: 19085
Latte with vanilla gives 5% weapon damage, not 5. Pantogram gives 20 weapon damage, not 20%.

Revision: 19086
Carols are shruggable effects.

Revision: 19087
Untested. Only update combat results for party fair quest when it is in progress.

Revision: 19088

Revision: 19089
Use MonsterDatabase.valueSet() to get all monsters for ASH $monsters[]

Revision: 19090
Frattlesnake now in Smut Orc Logging Camp.

Revision: 19091
Basic support for Doctor Bag.

Revision: 19092
Doctor Bag combat skill tracking (Banish is a guess)

Revision: 19093
Untested. Sausage Grinder units shouldn't have been a daily setting.

Revision: 19094
Dropdown for what to for Doctor Bag Cure non-combat now in Item Based Choice Adventure tab. Choiceadventure defaults to "Show in Browser" (Note, will not change if you already have been playing with Revision 19091 or later). Upgrade based on message about upgrade, not about lights going out.

Revision: 19095
Level requirements

Revision: 19096
Very early Dark Gyffte support

Revision: 19097
HP adjustments and skill learning/forgetting for Dark Gyffte

Revision: 19098
No familiars in Dark Gyffte

Revision: 19099
Casting Vampyre skills costs HP. Lightly tested (adds hp_cost(skill) ash function).

Revision: 19100
Vampyres (and only Vampyres) can only eat/drink Vampyre consumables (unless they are Magical Sausages).

Revision: 19101
Some quest tracking (untested). All Vampyre skills affect HP, so are considered passive skills.

Revision: 19102
A little more quest tracking

Revision: 19103
Hopefully fix NPE in Vampyre path - Untested.

Revision: 19104
Update Maximum HP calculation for Dark Gyffte

Revision: 19105
Fix typo

Revision: 19106
Vampyres don't need a wand

Revision: 19107
Fix typo

Revision: 19108
Fix stats of smut orcs per Manuel

Revision: 19109
Sharona, ref money bag, fix some Dark Gyfte skill ids

Revision: 19110
Fix unescaped trademark symbol in bowl of Tastee-Wheet plural

Revision: 19111
Set a boolean preference _volcanoSuperduperheatedMetal when a high-resistance sheet metal is converted to a superduperheated metal in the Bubblin' Caldera

Revision: 19112
Apply patch from Saklad5 to add variable & underwater to the God Lobster

Revision: 19113
Fix old typo for cute meteor type (passice->passive)

Revision: 19114
Track daily LOV Enamorang uses, thanks to gausie

Revision: 19115
Add _lastSausageMonsterTurn

Revision: 19116
Dark Gyffte monsters and items

Revision: 19117
rk Gyffte is an Avatar path and needs usual "choose a new class" handling.
Thwaitegold mosquito statuetter

Revision: 19118
More Dark Gyffte monsters

Revision: 19119
Fix Cloak of Shadows

Revision: 19120
Track Baleful Howl banish

Revision: 19121
Booke of Vampyric Knowledge, skills, effects, items

Revision: 19122
Vampyres don't need no stinkin' boss warnings

Revision: 19123
Blood Blade is 5042

Revision: 19124
Vampoyre Book skills use HP, not MP

Revision: 19125
Recognize tw more Belmonts by image. Initial glitch season support; finish when item is named, at least.

Revision: 19126
government-issued necktie has a variable meat drop bonus

Revision: 19127
Dolphin whistle now only requires level 11

Revision: 19128
Update _daycareRecruits when visiting the Daycare

Revision: 19129
Track daily PvP fight acquisition from Daycare in _daycareFights

Revision: 19130
In Glitch PvP Season (or any other season!), if you randomly hit a player with an unbroken Hippy Stone, just try again.

Revision: 19131
Mayoflex doesn't add adventures to foods that don't normally gixve adventures

Revision: 19132
vampyric cloake

Revision: 19133
Maximum HP for cloake is capped

Revision: 19134
Fix detection of open bets in the Money Losing Game, per PlasticLobster

Revision: 19135
Chad Alacarte

Revision: 19136
Fix typo

Revision: 19137
angry ghost drops

Revision: 19138
Update drop rate based on perfectly fair coin data

Revision: 19139
Track progress toward Blech House

Revision: 19140
Track uses of vampyric cloake skills and Army of Toddlers, thanks to MrSpeed

Revision: 19141
Update drop rates based on perfectly fair coin spading

Revision: 19142
More drop rates

Revision: 19143
Update sausage goblin settings when starting the fight, not when you win

Revision: 19144
Voting and ballroom quartet item bonuses are both doubled by Steely-Eyed Squint

Revision: 19145
Fix typo

Revision: 19146
PirateRealm stuff

Revision: 19147
marble molecules

Revision: 19148
Eliminate calls to parseModifiers in maximizer.
This was a relatively expensive method to call on every comparison, since
it executes a _lot_ of matchers to parse out the set of modifiers. I
noticed that it was unnecessary, since evaluateModifiers already generates
the list of modifiers (which we don't need to serialize then parse back

Revision: 19149
Fix typo

Revision: 19150
Fix evaluated modifiers for constant mods.
Turns out that returning an empty modifier list is... not what we want
to do here.
Thanks to fredg1 and daisygirl @ kolmafia forums for reporting the
problem and helping to identify which revision was at fault.

Revision: 19151
PirateRealm stuff

Revision: 19152
homoerotic frat-paddle -> Orcish frat-paddle

Revision: 19153
homoerotic frat-paddle -> Orcish frat-paddle part 2

Revision: 19154
Add test for items.txt.
This is a regex-based test that's designed to be moderately extensible -- for
each line that Mafia extracts from the data file, we apply a per-field regex.
To run this test, just run `ant test`. The build.xml could probably use some
cleaning up, since I don't really know what I'm doing there.
In doing so, I fixed a handful of bugs with PirateRealm content -- there were a
few no-trade, no-discard items that were missing a tab between the use and the
autosell value.

Revision: 19155
Actually add the data file test.
This CL also adds a few other tests for a few other data files,
related to consumption yields.

Revision: 19156
PirateRealm stuff

Revision: 19157
The thre Vampyric Forms can be uneffected by casting the skill again

Revision: 19158
Check if an intrinsic can be removed with a skill by checking removeWithSkill map rather than hardcoding a set of effects

Revision: 19159
Create isRemovableIntrinsic() and lookup effect removing skill inside that

Revision: 19160
PirateReal adventuring zones and monsters

Revision: 19161
More PirateRealm stuff, including beginning of Coinmaster

Revision: 19162
Add generic detection for unknown items.
This should reduce the amount of extra work for detecting new items from
various sources.

Revision: 19163
Add more PirateRealm items from the mall.

Revision: 19164
Fix indentation.

Revision: 19165
Track Xiblaxian crystal drop, thanks to saklad5

Revision: 19166
Learn new skills from desc_skill.php.

Revision: 19167
Add pirate radio ring and crabsivle. When visit PirateRealm Fun-a-Log, parse what is available and register new items.
Also set the available inventory to exactly what you've unlocked.

Revision: 19168
Also update "rows" for new items.

Revision: 19169
More PirateRealm monsters

Revision: 19170
More PirateRealm stuff, thanks to Yendor (and my own explorations)

Revision: 19171
Track Prevent Scurvy and Sobriety (per MrSpped)
Update unlocked PirateReal items when visit Fun-a-Log even outside of Coinmaster frame
Add more PirateRealm items
Add recipes for Tiki cocktails that requires Tiki Mixology (untested)

Revision: 19172
tweaks to PirateRealm monsters, familiar, status effects

Revision: 19173
Add synchronization to getStash().
Per, there is some weird
interaction that causes many stash refreshes, possibly tied to the
From my earlier analysis, it turns out that we may enqueue many of these
stash refresh requests, since we only set ClanManager.stashRetrieved when
the request succeeds. This synchronization should change this behavior to
only enqueue one request.

Revision: 19174
Added notes to all 9 Tiki drinks. Note that the item description for both Electric Punch
and Smuggler's Punch claim they give Tiki Thoughtfulness. Surely the latter should be
Tiki Temerity. I have submitted a bug report - and have optimistically assumed it is fixed

Revision: 19175
Revert Revision 19173.
This doesn't seem to have worked as hoped.

Revision: 19176
Add piratical blunderbus. Show all items on FunALog, but items which are not yet
unlocked are unavailable.

Revision: 19177
The abridged dictionary is also not sold in Bees Hate You

Revision: 19178
Add ELDRITCH creation requirement, misc concoctions fixes.
Patch courtesy of Saklad5 @ forums.

Revision: 19179
Add PirateRealm to Preferences -> IOTM Tracking

Revision: 19180
Add a simple maximizer test.
This demonstrates some manipulation of Mafia inventory state.
Unfortunately, we can't actually "equip" any items -- while the
maximizer can dispatch commands to the CLI, we only change gear upon
seeing the appropriate response.
As a result, here we indirectly check the results of maximizer
speculation by looking at the Generated modifiers.
(Also, this commit cleans up some imports in DataFileTest.)

Revision: 19181
pewter torsohunter

Revision: 19182
Wrote a test to serve as an example. Cleaned some lint in BooleanArray.

Revision: 19183
Fix maximizer to allow club with other offhands.
This should also work for +knife and other similar keywords.
Nominally tested.

Revision: 19184
Fix Evaluator.
I'll figure out how to write tests that catch the
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException later.

Revision: 19185
Update MaximizerTest to check 2-h weapons.
This was previously generating an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with
maximizer strings involving weapon type, since we were setting 2h
weapons that didn't satisfy the condition to slot -1, then proceeding
to the end of the loop and unconditionally trying to add them to the

Revision: 19186
While leaving PirateRealm Island as an adventuring location, also make is a "zone".
Under that zone, add Crab Island, Prison Island, and all the other islands.
Set up area combat data for each individual island to have exactly the monsters which are found there.
When you encounter the choice in the PirateRealm Sea where you choose your next island, remember
the choice you made in "_lastPirateRealmIsland". When looking up location from URL, if it is the
PirateRealm Island adventure number, look up the adventure using the value in that setting.

Revision: 19187
Get reasonable adventure for PirateRealm Island if _lastPirateRealmIsland is not set

Revision: 19188
Add Kruegerand Drop numeric modifier.
Courtesy of Saklad5 @

Revision: 19189
Cannelloni Cocoon now restores 1000 HP instead of all HP

Revision: 19190
Don't automatically create badass belts before ascending

Revision: 19191
Mark some nowander locations

Revision: 19192
Fix command to get Bats Form to be "cast Flovk of Bats Form". This a;;pws the Maximizer to suggest it
for Item Drop, for example, when previously it was not suggested.

Revision: 19193
Don't grey out items that you can sell to a Coinmaster.

Revision: 19194
Add Prevent Scurvy and Sobriety to list of breakfast skills. Only set Calculate the Universe level to 1 when it is actually cast.

Revision: 19195
Since you can't heal in Dark Gyffte, adjust hedge maze script to check current HP, not max HP, when
deciding if you'll survive. If you will and are less than full HP, don't try to heal to full.

Revision: 19196
Scurvy and Sobriety Prevention grants a skill

Revision: 19197
So does Island Drinkin'

Revision: 19198
Fix typo

Revision: 19199
Fix parsing of PirateReal Fun Points

Revision: 19200
Link to chasm when receiving a bridge truss or fancy oil painting

Revision: 19201
Blood Bucatini is a combat spell

Revision: 19202
Add support for WarBear Armor Penetration as a modifier. Thanks to Saklad5 @

Revision: 19203

Revision: 19204
When entering a choice or visiting main.php, recognize that combat has ended

Revision: 19205
Initial Saber support

Revision: 19206
traditional Crimbo cookie now gives 75 turns of its effect instead of 50

Revision: 19207
In Relay Browser, don't give "eat" or "drink" links in Dark Gyffte unless the item is consumable by Vampyres

Revision: 19208
Handle Fourth of May Cosplay Saber upgrade

Revision: 19209
Blech House

Revision: 19210
Fix typo

Revision: 19211
Ed MP restores should be 2x higher - Malibu Stacey

Revision: 19212
Goodbye second green smoke bomb drop

Revision: 19213
Drop rates update - Thanks, Aenimus.

Revision: 19214
Ed bandages heal out of combat for twice the rate listed on the item. Thanks, Malibu Stacey

Revision: 19215
Untested. During the first meeting with Shen as Ed, the item needed isn't mentioned - get it from quest log instead.

Revision: 19216
Update drop rates, thanks to Aenimus

Revision: 19217
Untested. Handling of Shen for Ed, check of quest log moved to after accepting quest.

Revision: 19218
Two Crazy Random Summer is path #36

Revision: 19219
When loading a "simple" file, if it doesn't exist in your relay directory, assume it's a KoL
file and load it from there. With that, we correctly load tcrs.js and txrs.css

Revision: 19220
n TCRS, do not require item names to match item detected via rel string
for the purpose of generating use link

Revision: 19221
Can't depend on item name when acquiring items in TCRS

Revision: 19222
DOn't check item names when acuiring more than one item at a timn TCRSe

Revision: 19223
Proof of concept: TCRS data for Accordion Thief/Vole saved in data file.
"tcrs" command can load, save, or derive data for all items when you in TCRS path.
Does not yet apply item modifications based on this TCRS data

Revision: 19224
Implement the "tcrs apply" command, which updates consumable size, quality,
item enchantments, etc. based on currently loaded TCRS data

Revision: 19225
In TCRS, assume spleen items give no adventures by default.
When updating consumption data, also do so for associated Concoction.

Revision: 19226
When applying TCRS modifiers, only apply changes where the path name differs from normal name.
Add .tcrs_name as a proxy field to items. Only valid if you've done "tcrs load"

Revision: 19227
Track stuff from Use the Force

Revision: 19228
Fix typo

Revision: 19229
Work around HTML bug in certain item desc files in TCRS
Add "tcrs check ITEMID" command

Revision: 19230
In order to shop in the PirateRealm fun-a-log, you need the actual item, not access to PirateRealm

Revision: 19231
TCRS rewards

Revision: 19232
Another fix to wacky HTML in TCRS item descs

Revision: 19233
Use the Force is a skill

Revision: 19234
oily mushroom is food. Get rid of stupid ConcoctionPool.names in favor of always using
ConcoctionPool.items, ConcoctionPool.nonitems, and ConcoctionPool.canoinicalnonitems.
Fix resetting concoctions for TCRS modified consumables.

Revision: 19235
Fixes from checkitems and checkpowers

Revision: 19236
Put TCRS item data files into data/TCRS rather than src/data

Revision: 19237
More TCRS data

Revision: 19238
Create CafeDatabase, which handles negativ item-numbered foo and booze items.
TCRS Database now looks up all cafe food and booze and adjusts size and quality
as specified by the desc files.

Revision: 19239
TCRS file fetching from SVN, courtesy of Fronobulax, and TCRS data files courtesy of King Dave and One Sided Die

Revision: 19240
Add TCRS cafe data files for Accordion Thief/Vole and Pastamancer/Wallaby.
Fix initialization error in TCRSDatabase. Add "tcrs fetch CLASS, SIGN"
command to fetch files from the SVN repository

Revision: 19241
TCRS fetch command will not fetch if an local file already exists.

Revision: 19242
Add TCRS data for Sauceror/Blender. Load (or derive and save) appropriate TCRS data
for your class/sign when you ascend into a TCRS run or log into one.

Revision: 19243
When parsing special of the day in the Gnome or Canadia cafe, do not check the name
when in TCRS

Revision: 19244
Remove unnecessary extra log message about local file existing or not

Revision: 19245
Fix some bugs in parater parsing for the tcrs command

Revision: 19246
TCSR Disco Bandit/Vole cafe data, courtesy of MCroft

Revision: 19247
Add TCRD Turtle Tamer/Mongoose data, courtesy of MCroft

Revision: 19248
TCRS Accordion Thief/Packrat data, thanks to gix

Revision: 19249
TCRS Disco Bandit Mongoose.

Revision: 19250
Plush sea serpent only gives -ML underwater

Revision: 19251
In TCRS, remove all eat/drink/chew/use effect sources.
Then, add back the new items that grant effects in your class/sign.
The Maximizer should now work for both equipment and items.

Revision: 19252
Add TCRS Patstamancer/Blender data, thanks to One Sided Die

Revision: 19253
Disco Bandit Wallaby TCRS data

Revision: 19254
Print a progress every 100 items processed for "tcrs derive"

Revision: 19255
Add TCRS data for Seal Clubber/Platypus

Revision: 19256
Reset TCRS modifiers when you free the king or log in a new character

Revision: 19257
Add TCRS data for Pastamancer Vole, thanks to ast154251

Revision: 19258
Don't apply TCRS changes to familiar equipment - in the correct place.
Add "tcrs reset" command

Revision: 19259
Add TCRS data for Accordion Thief/Marmot, thanks to Crowther

Revision: 19260
add TCRS data for Seal Clubber/Wombat, thanks to Magus_Prime

Revision: 19261
Add TCRS data for Disco Bandit/Packrat and Sauceror/Opossum

Revision: 19262
Add TCRS Turtle Tamer/Wombat, thanks to One Sided Die

Revision: 19263
Eliminate "Clownosity" as a modifier and replace with "Clowniness". The latter can be 25, 50, or 75 (%).
The maximizer will let you maximize for "4 clownosity" (as before) or also for "clowniness".
The green side pane still shows "Clown: 3/4", etc.

Revision: 19264
Add TCRS data for Accordion Thief/Blender

Revision: 19265
Add Clowniness, as appropriate, to TCRS items

Revision: 19266
Add TCRS cafe data for Sauceror/Marmot, thanks to Magus_Prime

Revision: 19267
Don't "derive" TCRS modifiers for the "ring". Fix data files that have such modifiers derived in them.

Revision: 19268
TCRS Seal Clubber/Vole data, thanks to The Amazing Mr Toothpaste

Revision: 19269
Fix AT Nemesis Quest (barracks on volcanic island) for TCRS

Revision: 19270
Add cafe data for TCRS Sauceror/Wallaby, thanks to MCroft

Revision: 19271
For purpose of reconizing end of Junkyard quest, rusty chain necklace is not rusty in TCRS

Revision: 19272
Some cafe items are real items. Get real item descid for such.

Revision: 19273
Surgeonosity is a numeric modifier, but we do not parse it from the item description.
Instead, it is hardcoded in to the modifiers. Don't do this. Parse it from the
item description so we can pick it up in TCRS. Fix all already submitted TCRS files.

Revision: 19274
Add TCRS data for Sauceror/Wombat, thanks to One Sided Die

Revision: 19275
Rederived modifiers for TCRS Sauceror/Packrat

Revision: 19276
Fix Clowniness of balloon helmet

Revision: 19277
Add TCRS data for Accordion Thief/Platypus, thanks to Crowther

Revision: 19278
When applying modifiers in TCRS, use Data Name

Revision: 19279
hewn moon run sppon initial stuff

Revision: 19280
Add "tcrs spoon" command (which calls TCRSDatabase.deriveSpoon()" to print out the current name and
modifiers of the hewn moon-rune spoon

Revision: 19281
Add TCRS data for Sauceror/Mongoose, thanks to Nagus_Prime

Revision: 19282
You can use "tcrs ring" and "tcrs spoon" even if not currently in a TCRS run

Revision: 19283
When load TCRS data, update with new items that were not saved in the data file.
Add said items to you local data file for future use.
Add "tcrs update" command to do this.

Revision: 19284
Print output of "tcrs spoon" to session log. derive/apply modifiers for rin and spoon
when you reset TCRS modifiers or load new ones on login

Revision: 19285
TCRS consumables that grant an effect now document that effect in the Food/Booze/Spleen pusable panel

Revision: 19286
béarnaise zombie is not capitalized

Revision: 19287
$effect[xxx]/image is not kust the image file name, not inclucding the full image path to KoL servers,
just like all other proxy field images

Revision: 19288
Disco Bandit Opossum thanks to MCroft

Revision: 19289
Accordion Thief Mongoose

Revision: 19290
DB Platypus

Revision: 19291
TCRS Turtle tamer Packrat - Thanks to One Sided Die

Revision: 19292
TCRS Seal Clubber Opossum thanks to Croft

Revision: 19293
Use highest stat for hit stat if wielding Fourth of May Cosplay Saber, and add Use the Force skill when you equip it. Untested.

Revision: 19294
Seal Clubber Pack Rat thanks to King dave

Revision: 19295
Add "Uniques" section to modifiers.txt which contains items that contribute to a specified modifier but only once.
Sort of like items that should be considered Single Equip (even if they are not designated as such by KoL) when
maximizing for that modifier.
Code in Maximizer to use this is TBD, but will be required for Clowniness and Surgeonosity

Revision: 19296
Updated TCRS data for Seal Clubber/Mongoose

Revision: 19297
Boss warnings for Boss Bat, Goblin King, Baron Vpn Ratsworth and Bonerdagon now display
item enchantments - including for "default items that the Goblin King and Baronn drop if
you don't set a special MCD level. This should make it easier to decide what to get in TCRS.

Revision: 19298
Various TCRS thanks to speaknoevil and crowther

Revision: 19299
This should be the last of the Accordion Thief variants thanks to magus prime

Revision: 19300
TT Opossum. Thanks to speaknoevil.

Revision: 19301
Ewduce chance of rune spoon screwing up monster flyering

Revision: 19302
That didn't work. Undo it.

Revision: 19303
Add TCRS data for Turtle Tamer/Blender, thanks to One Sided Die.

Revision: 19304
Turtle Tamer Vole. Thanks to The Amazing Mr Toothpaste

Revision: 19305
cartoon harpoon

Revision: 19306
TCRS data for Pastamancer/Opossum

Revision: 19307
Add TCRS data for Disco Bandit/Blender, thanks to Crowther

Revision: 19308
TCRS Sauceror/Vole, thanks to MagusPrime

Revision: 19309
TCRS data for Pastamancer/MOngoose, thanks to MCroft

Revision: 19310
Add experimental "Potions" panel underneat "Usables" in the Item Manager.

Revision: 19311
Potions panel needs a tab to show the queued potions as well as a tab for the ingredients

Revision: 19312
Add a checkbox to the Potions panel - "sort by effect" will sort the potions alphabetically by the effect they produce, rather than by item name

Revision: 19313
disco wombat from crowther

Revision: 19314
Pasta Rat thanks to One Sided Die

Revision: 19315
Apply consumable modifiers to cafe foods, whether or not their name is modified.

Revision: 19316
Pasta Marmot

Revision: 19317
Cartoon Harpoon

Revision: 19318

Revision: 19319

Revision: 19320
Clowniness and urgeonosity

Revision: 19321
Put logic for "by room" and "by effect name" checkboxes on UseItemEnqueuePanel
into comparators for that package, rather than the general compareTo method of Concoction.

Revision: 19322
TCRS data for Turtle Tamer/Platypus

Revision: 19323
Pasta Plat thanks to Magus_Prime

Revision: 19324
Sv Wallaby

Revision: 19325
Add ASH function: item desc_to_item( string descid )

Revision: 19326
UseItemEnqueuePanel provides its own RefreshListener which sorts using panel's Comparator

Revision: 19327
Fix "per room" checkbox by putting code to check the setting back in COncoction.compareTo.
Add ability to set a Comparator to be used for sorting a LockableListModel.

Revision: 19328
Blended Clubber thanks One Sided Die

Revision: 19329
TCRS data for Seal Clubber/Marmot, thanks to fewyn

Revision: 19330
TCRS data for Turtle Tamer/Marmot

Revision: 19331
Add TCRS data for Turtle Tsmer/Wallaby, thanks to fewyn

Revision: 19332
Derive pulverization data for all equipment at startup before loading TCRS data,
since it depends on the original modifiers, not the adjusted modifiers

Revision: 19333
Remove special handling for the hewn moon-rune spoon from TCRSData; that item is like any other
character with respect to TCRS (except for 'ring', of course, which is character-specific).
Removed "hewn moon-rune-spoon" from all TCRS data files that had it. Now, when you log in to a TCRS
run, it will derive the item from its descriptor.

Revision: 19334
For backwards compatibility with local data files that were stored with simply "hewn moon-rune spoon",
if we notice that in the "update" phase, force a rederive/save to get the real modifiers

Revision: 19335
NOCOPY in $monster.attributes for uncopyable monsters form soolar UNTESTED

Revision: 19336
Implement PirateRealm-only modifiers from Saklad5. UNTESTED

Revision: 19337
Fix probably typo in comparator

Revision: 19338
Fixes from checkitems and checkeffects

Revision: 19339
Update mallprices.txt

Revision: 19340
Bump version to 19.6