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Thread: Proxy settings disabled on macOS

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    			//if ( System.getProperty( "" ).startsWith( "Mac" ) )
    			//	this.optionBoxes[ 0 ].setSelected( proxySet );
    			//	this.optionBoxes[ 0 ].setEnabled( false );
    				proxySet |= Preferences.getBoolean( "proxySet" );
    				this.optionBoxes[ 0 ].setSelected( proxySet );

    I'll delete the file in a few days.
    Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post
    So the checkbox worked but nothing else. Couldn't select the text fields to populate any settings & even though they were already manually set correctly (I've verified they work on Windows) it still wouldn't use them.

    Thanks for trying frono.

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    Ok. I am going to assume that disabling the proxy on a Mac was deliberate because of some Mac characteristic. It would be nice to know more but...

    I guess this is not a bug as much as a FR but in either case no code is changing now.
    Well, thank you.
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post

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