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Thread: NEP monster drop spading

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    So I banished everything but Jocks, and I ran 134% item drop with love bugs disabled for around 10 turns. I didn't get any common Jock drops (two sets had dropped already).

    I even got a shot of meteor item for +15% item (putting me at 149%), and I received nothing. I then tested 149% items for ten turns. Nothing:

    As soon as I went to 150% +item%, the commons dropped immediately.

    I am going to call this conclusive, and that any anomalies were my user error/rounding issues. I.e., 3rd common drop is 20%.

    I am now going to spend my remaining turns at 149% item drops and wait for a clue to drop (assuming it rounds).

    EDIT: Spent 25 turns at 149% item drops in A-Boo Peak, and nothing dropped. I'll keep trying this during aftercore for a bit.
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