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    Post NEP monster drop spading


    I've been doing some spading in NEP, and while I'm not quite finished, most of it is conclusive. Biker seems odd, but I will spade that tomorrow.

    The monsters each have four drops. I'm going to call two of them "commons" and two of them "uncommons".
    An example of common drops are the burnout's van key and jam band bootleg.
    An example of uncommon drops are the biker's pentagram bandana and neverending wallet chain.

    When you successively receive a drop, its discrete drop rate is diminished for the rest of the day (all items are discrete; the commons just share the same drop rate, as do the uncommons).

    I spaded this with a perfectly fair coin, so I only know the commons have an initial base drop rate of over 50%. It then drops to 40%, 20%, 10% and stops diminishing at 5% base.
    I have a suspicion that they start at 80, as that would support the "halve after each successive drop" motif.
    An exception I've found is the biker, whose common drops seemed to drop 5% easier. I will spade this tomorrow.

    The uncommon drops (of note is ratty knitted hat) begin at 15% base drop rate, then 5%, and finally stops diminishing at 1%

    Here's the paste bin:

    Hopefully this can be added to mafia once I have completed the spading.


    EDIT: Based on my most recent data, what I said before seems to be the "guarantee" for receiving a drop, but apparently you can get a drop before:

    I propose that the drops have a base rate that diminishes, to which the coin responds, but there is also some sort of chance to just get a drop anyway(?) that is not affected by coin. Thoughts?
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