Hi, I've been trying to reproduce the "<Mainstat> Experience" variable (which appears in the green sidebar), but haven't been able to figure out how to get the "EXP/2" component. It's clearly splitting "Experience" up and bundling it into the appropriate attributes, and presumably including stat multipliers too. But it's also including a zone-dependent variable which appears to be underestimating stats from monsters in the selected zone by ~10x. FantasyRealm has a bunch of 1-monster zones, with nice round base ML. Here's an example of the various values of "EXP/2" I saw with an arbitrary setup (though with the usual +10% moon sign stat multiplier):

100 ML zone: 23.33
120 ML zone: 23.58
130 ML zone: 23.71
140 ML zone: 23.83
150 ML zone: 23.96

That's a predicted increase of only 0.63 substats from a ML increase of 50.
What one SHOULD see from +50 base ML is 50/8 = 6.25 (primary) substats, or 6.875 if including the moon sign.

(Ideally I'd sort of prefer to just see the number free of zone-predictive info, since I rarely pre-set the "Adventure" zone before visiting a location...)