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Thread: maximizer still sometimes equipping bathysphere

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    I definitely think we can quash, eventually, the not preferring an unhelpful item over no item. If you have no item, and it doesnít beat a tie with an item, then stick with no item. That is a bug Iíve tried to track down several times and over many hours.

    I donít see how we can ever get maximise to do clever tiebreaking to match the scriptwriters intention, whilst also not doing tiebreaking.

    I could see some features being designed, though, such as a maximiser tiebreaker preference so you can control your own.

    Adding a standard set of exclusions to every maximisation in a script is pretty easy if you wanted to do it, though deciding that list is harder. For mafia, which is situation agnostic, it would be impossible rather than hard.

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    I own a sea jellyfish IOTM familiar. If sea is unlocked it will produce 1 free sea jelly per day which is worth 2k meat in the mall. it costs 0 adventures to acquire, just so long as you own it and have the sea unlocked. Mafia breakfast will even automatically collects the sea jellyfish for you. As such, my login script unlocks the sea and I then let breakfast automatically collect it.
    Originally Posted by taltamir View Post
    (I don't really notice stuff on the order of 2k meat a day, especially when it's mall-dependent, but you do you.)

    But then you lose out on potential items that could go in that slot. You would also need to update the script every time things change. like "oh, there is a new back IOTM that actually can potentially affect this maximizer string, better notice and go edit the maximizer string used for quest7 and quest12 to no longer exclude back item"
    This really does not seem reasonable to request of script writers. And realistically, the scripts I have seen just use -tie instead.
    Not an issue in my particular case where I'm specifically forcing items into slots like offhand that could otherwise cause combinatorial explosion, specifically for the +meat case you mention below. I recognize that's not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it helps significantly in the aftercore case. It's also not really needed in-run, when you don't have Hodgman gear fighting with Smithsness and brimstone and those Pork Elf rewards from the Agua quest, just for maximizer to eventually declare "oh yeah, all that stuff is terrible".

    In aftercore (lets say I am optimizing meat for neverending party DJ quest), the quantity of items available causes extreme slowdowns and if you use the GUI it means that the GUI doubles those slowdowns since after you do select to equip some items it reruns the maximizer string. Even if you close the GUI immediately, it will still continue running the maximizer string until it is done doing so. I limited it to 100,000 combination once I noticed it went over 1 million combinations tested. But it is still pretty slow in aftercore. Using the CLI halves that since it only does the calculations once instead of repeating them after you click equip.
    You can also abort the GUI if you really don't want it to rerun the maximization.

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