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Thread: is_standard() function

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    Default is_standard() function

    It would be useful to have a boolean is_standard() function, similar to is_unrestricted(), but applying when you are not in a run.

    (I know little, but it looks like is already doing a lot of this work for the is_unrestricted() function, so maybe this is not too hard).

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    I made a feature request because it loks like Mafia kind of already does this and it would likely save a bunch of server hits to not do a bunch of visit_url() calls.
    I'm surprised this would save more than 1 server hit.

    Regardless, this should be pretty easy to add.

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    Actually, this is made more complicated by the fact that the code there is also meant to support Trendy, so it would require more refactoring for someone trying to use is_standard() if they are currently in Trendy, or were in Trendy earlier that session.

    Also, seeing isAllowed() and isNotRestricted() in StandardRequest means I'm trying to figure out if there's just redundant code there or if something no longer works correctly in Trendy.

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