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Thread: Modifier Maximizer Pullable/Buyable issues

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    Default Modifier Maximizer Pullable/Buyable issues

    There are a couple bugs with the maximizer when using the pullable/buyable

    The first is that the mafia will search prices for items that have modifiers lower than the ones you have on-hand. This causes a lot of unnecessary server hits and makes it take a longer than it needs to. As well as searching items that don't fit into the criteria. It should first compare items to things you have on hand before trying to check prices.
    For example:
    Maximizing HP with a nurse's hat (+300 HP) in inventory. Doing hp, hat With On-hand selected will just suggest nurse's hat. With pullable/ buyable selected it will search all equipment that can effect HP (eg: weapons, pants,shirts) as well as items that would lose to the nurse's hat

    Searching for "Ice-Cold Beer Ring"... //Acc
    Search complete.
    Searching for "Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace"... //Acc
    Search complete.
    Searching for "porquoise ring"... //Acc
    Search complete.
    Searching for "polyalloy shield"... //Off-Hand
    Search complete.
    Searching for "chrome helmet turtle"... // +5 to stats (Essentially +5 HP)
    Search complete.
    Searching for "meaty helmet turtle"...// Muscle +3 (+3 HP)
    Search complete.
    Searching for "barskin hat"...//Muscle +1 (+1 HP)
    Search complete.
    Searching for "samurai turtle helmet"...//Muscle +1 (+1 HP)
    Search complete.
    Searching for "oriole-feather headdress"... //Maximum HP +1
    Search complete.
    The second issue is that there is you can't abort the search queue when doing pullable/buyable. So if you accidentally forget to switch to on-hand and you abort it will continue to search all the item prices. This might be easier to explain with a gif.

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    The first is not a bug. I can certainly see it produces more server hits than ideal, though (if you don't have up to date price file, or if you are forcing it to always get latest price). It would involve a complete rewrite of Maximizer, which currently checks if item is available before comparing which items are best. To avoid this issue it'd have to either reverse that (leading to lots of extra processing), or check with on hand, then compare, then check again with pullable/buyable etc.

    The second is a pain, but I'm not sure what causes it. I suspect it is related to this :

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