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Thread: Always show store limits in the purchases pane

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    Default Always show store limits in the purchases pane

    Mafia doesn't show a store's limit if the limit is equal or higher than the amount in stock (e.g. 6 for sale, limit 10).

    So the limit doesn't apply directly, but I'd still like to see it. I try to avoid buying low priced items from stores with limits, since it's presumably charitable pricing. And I don't want to be buying out the last of somebody's stock by mistake, especially if it's an AR or the like.

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    Note that we automatically sort stores with limits to the BOTTOM of all stores at that price. If you simply buy from the stores in the order they are listed - which is what automated buying will do - you will exhaust all the stores with no limits before you hit the ones with limits.

    Personally, I don't particularly care if a person says "you can buy at most 10 items from me, but I only have 5" or even "you may only buy 1 from me but I only have 1". If they weren't willing to sell X of an item for Y price to anybody, why did they offer to sell X items? Or even, if they will sell you 1 milk of magnesium per day for 100 - which I guess is "charitable" - why in the world shouldn't I buy 1 a day from them? If they only have one for sale, seeing that I can only buy one a day will not deter me from buying the single item on offer.

    But you are saying that you "try to avoid" buying charitably priced items. Why?

    (I also have no idea what an "AR" is. A type of gun?)

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    An AR is an antiraffle - a favorite giveaway in the /games channel. The /gamers want those items to go to other /gamers, and so do I.

    And I avoid buying charitably priced items because my characters are wealthy folks that would rather leave those items for somebody else.

    Mafia sorts stores by the number of items available at each store, so a store with a limit may or may not be at the bottom for a given price. In any case I'm trying to avoid the stores selling at below-mall price, with a limit. If there were lots of other stores selling at the same price, it wouldn't be the charitable pricing that I'm trying to avoid.

    Anyway I don't see any reason to hide the limit. The vanilla game doesn't.

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