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Thread: Arid, Extra-Dry Desert choice adventure - old/incorrect link

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    Default Arid, Extra-Dry Desert choice adventure - old/incorrect link

    When selecting the Arid, Extra-Dry Desert as the adventure location, and looking down to the "Choice Advs" tab, the "Desert (Pre-Oasis)" appears to link to the OLD version of that choice adventure - the one in which there was a carburetor (which no longer exists in-game and has not done for several years). Selecting "Unlock Oasis" as the choice in there does not appear to work.

    As a result I have to bring up the relay browser and manually do that choice adventure to unlock the oasis - even though there is only one choice. (Occurring when you hit 10% or higher desert exploration.)

    Not a major thing, but a thing nevertheless.

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    The choice adventure when you find Gnasir to unlock the Oasis is the same choice adventure that you enter when talking to Gnasir to give him stuff for desert exploration. So that choice takes more effort to support properly.

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