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Thread: Custom bounty ccs

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    Default Custom bounty ccs

    I've been trying to come up with an appropriate bounty script that is suited to my needs with the following resources:
    • Snokebomb
    • Mafia middle finger ring
    • Get a good whiff of this guy (nose familiar)
    • Olfaction

    Problem statement:
    • Unsure of how to put snokebomb and mafia middle finger ring into the ccs
    • A good whiff of that guy keeps running into errors. I had a case where I had already used the skill on the bounty monster, but on the next encounter, kolmafia tried to use the skill again even though despite using the hasskill check. As a result, the ccs always got stuck at the 2nd bounty monster encounter
    • How do I set up a generic monstername or check to do the olfaction and good whiff only on bounty related monsters? Currently, I keep having to manually change the name to the bounty monster in the ccs.

    This is my current CCS:
    [ default ]
    skill saucestorm

    [ skeletal sommelier ]
    if hasskill get a good whiff of this guy
    skill transcendent olfaction
    skill saucestorm
    Would really appreciate advice on how to improve this!
    Thank you!

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    Usually, when I do something like that, I specify different banishes for different monsters.

    [ possessed wine rack ]
    if hasskill snokebomb
    skill snokebomb

    [ mad wino ]
    if hasskill show them your ring
    skill show them your ring
    (you may want quotes, or to just use the skill IDs. Haven't tested the above.)

    If you banish all the other monsters, then you don't need to use Whiff. IMO it's not usually worth the sacrifice of the familiar slot.

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    You may want to write a Consult Script

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