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Thread: set property for autoOlfact as wildcard monstername

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    Default set property for autoOlfact as wildcard monstername

    EDIT: Mods, please help to close this thread. I found a solution through trial and error to my problem
    Solution: I just had to use survivor without the * wildcard needed.
    set_property("battleAction","skill saucegeyser");
    set_property("autoOlfact","monster survivor");
    adventure(11 , $location[Domed City of Grimacia]);

    I've been struggling to set the correct property to auto olfact any monster in Grimace that has the monstername with the word 'survivor' in it.
    I did not want to specify any specific monster as I would not know which 'survivor' would appear first. Thus, I tried to do a wildcard with * on monstername, but it appears not to be working.

    Help would be appreciated to advise how I should fix the command to work.

    set_property("battleAction","skill saucegeyser");
    set_property("autoOlfact","monster *survivor*");
    adventure(11 , $location[Domed City of Grimacia]);

    Thank you.
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