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Thread: The Master Of Thieves not recognized as ultrarare

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    Default The Master Of Thieves not recognized as ultrarare

    I recently set one of my accounts to auto-adventure in the dungeons of doom for a bit, when I came back it was all done and I had a shiny new PYEC I didn't used to have. Queue face attempting to register joy and confusion simultaneously.

    Checking the session log, I saw:

    Encounter: The Master Of Thieves

    I read through the code and saw the ultrarare detection code still looks sane, checked monsters.txt and saw the entry is:

    The Master of Thieves -92 masterat.gif ULTRARARE NOMANUEL Atk: 70 Def: 63 HP: 70 Init: 10000 P: dude Platinum Yendorian Express Card (100)

    Looks like the new-ish case-sensitive name match is what tripped it up.

    combats.txt has the same incorrect capitalization.

    I download the daily builds daily, so the bug will have occurred in a build from around 20181116, but monsters.txt is the same in the current svn revision (r19019).

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