The following is an abbreviated version of the Subversion commit message logs. Please keep in mind that these messages are intended for other developers and they take the files which were modified into context in order to limit the amount of verbage. In general, they are not intended for general audiences and should not be treated as "official" documentation -- they are informal and abbreviated, at best.

If you do not understand what something says, try looking at the full version of the revision by following the accompanying link for the revision. The only difference is that the files which were modified will be listed, and sometimes, you can guess what happened from file names (though not always). If you still have no idea what happened, that's okay -- it probably doesn't relate to what you're doing with KoLmafia. ^_~

Furthermore, not everything marked as "fixed" is guaranteed to be fixed, not all changes are guaranteed to have a change. This is due the fact that both time and turns are finite and only a limited number of things can be tested. Some changes go in untested, assuming they would work, when they actually don't due to erroneous assumptions; alpha testers occasionally will be able to give feedback, but it's not always possible.

For example, if you read the revision logs for what changed between 10.2 and 10.3, the plus sign choice adventure was meant to get a use link. Something as seemingly insignificant as KoL using two spaces instead of one space in the sentence "It's actually a book. Read it." would mean the change didn't actually work -- anyone can verify that, in fact, the change didn't work for this very reason. If you ever encounter something like that, a non-accusatory mention of it (non-accusatory meaning anything that neither implies "ZOMG FALSE ADVERTISING" nor "You guys said this was fixed, but...") somewhere will usually result in the problem getting addressed.

Finally, if you've got a bug to report, make sure you read up on how to post a detailed bug report. While the rules outlined apply specifically to bugs related to scripting, many of them are applicable to KoLmafia bug reports in general. Most importantly, I hate the words "annoying" and "frustrating". Never use them when describing a bug/feature. Ever. Thanks. The abridged revision logs follow.

Revision: 18287
Fix "since" ASH directive to do numerical comparisons of major/minor versions

Revision: 18288
Allow for there to be no revision string in the KoLmafia version.

Revision: 18289
Initial Mummery modifier support. Lightly tested. Only basic effects are handled, with extra bonuses from using the correct familiar being completely ignored for now.

Revision: 18290
Some checking for unwanted external requests

Revision: 18291
Some reusable skill books

Revision: 18292
Another reusable book

Revision: 18293
Advent calendar foods

Revision: 18294
Add some familiar attributes (more to come later). Add attributes proxy field for familiars.

Revision: 18295
More familiar attributes. Use attributes for Mummery modifiers.

Revision: 18296
When giving a familiar a new costume, remove the modifier for the old one

Revision: 18297
Add mummery command

Revision: 18298
Update "counters" help text

Revision: 18299
Crimbo 2017 has started

Revision: 18300
Fix breakable detection in maximizer speculation. Consider simplicity (not changing items) as lower priority than checking for rollover effects and breakable items. Should now always prefer Astral Pet Sweater to Sugar Shield.

Revision: 18301
Remove handling for worthless items from Goal Manager, as we no longer adventure at Sewer for these !

Revision: 18302
Untested. Ignore autostops when teleportisis active.

Revision: 18303
Fix cosmetic typo in variable name

Revision: 18304
Can adventure drunk as Batfellow - untested

Revision: 18305
Crimbo wanderers

Revision: 18306
Those monsters actually wander

Revision: 18307
Cheer shop

Revision: 18308
Missing file from previous commit

Revision: 18309
Clover adventure

Revision: 18310
Fix stupid typo in previous commit

Revision: 18311
Since crystalline cheer is a coinmaster currency, need to trigger (coinmaster) listeners when it enters or leaves inventory

Revision: 18312
Crimbo 2017 tweaks

Revision: 18313
Cheer consumable spading.

Revision: 18314
Second Cheerless Level . First guess at combat rates.

Revision: 18315
disambiguate cheerless mime scientists

Revision: 18316
Work around KoL bug that no longer reports where paranormal activity is detected in walkie-talkie message

Revision: 18317
Fix initiative for cheerless mime scientist, per Manuel

Revision: 18318
Mouthless murmur is physically resistant. Fix cheer wine.

Revision: 18319
Crimbo stuff

Revision: 18320
warehouse key

Revision: 18321
cheer extractor

Revision: 18322
Cheerless Spire Level 3. Remove warehouse keys when used. Remove letters when handed in (and log).

Revision: 18323
disambiguate cheerless mime soldiers

Revision: 18324
Even wandering monsters won't go near the cheerless spire.

Revision: 18325
Track things properly when a mime army shotglass activates

Revision: 18326
New skillbooks (skills not yet public), new cheer level, tiny plastic.

Revision: 18327
Some consumable spading

Revision: 18328
Refactor how locations are marked as not having wanderers

Revision: 18329

Revision: 18330
Can walk away from Cursed Warehouse.

Revision: 18331
Some consumable spading - That mime army food is rather good.

Revision: 18332
Implement get_shop_log.

Revision: 18333
You can use "cast" in combat macros

Revision: 18334
A new tiny plastic, and updated name for the first one

Revision: 18335
Tippy Top of Spire, Mime Skills, Warehouse Key in store, Tiny Plastic, Consumable Spading.

Revision: 18336
Can pickpocket warehouse key from executives

Revision: 18337
Change location name

Revision: 18338
Mark used skill books as reusable

Revision: 18339
mime army infiltration glove lets you pickpocket

Revision: 18340
Tiny plastic, mime boss.

Revision: 18341
Add The Silent Nightmare to the Monster section of the Encyclopedia

Revision: 18342
Log some SIlent Night visits

Revision: 18343
more SIlent Nightmare

Revision: 18344
Att -> Atk

Revision: 18345
200 it is

Revision: 18346
The Cheer-o-Vend 300 only distributes your class'es Mime Jounal volume

Revision: 18347
Maximizer now knows which buff Silent Hunter gives depending on class.

Revision: 18348
The mime army shotglass no longer leads to only consuming 1 of the item

Revision: 18349
tiny plastic The Silent Nightmare

Revision: 18350
primitive alien blowgun

Revision: 18351
Multiusable items

Revision: 18352
Don't show hot dogs in Batfellow.

Revision: 18353
Happy New Year

Revision: 18354
silent nightlight

Revision: 18355
Garbage Tote and associated items

Revision: 18356
Some spleen items no longer give adventures. Level 13 or higher requirement consumables cannot be consumed under Standard restrictions. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18357
Garbage fire and some of it's drops

Revision: 18358
Level 13+ consumables are blocked in-run, not just in Standard

Revision: 18359
wareouse key is usable and leads to a choice. Cheerful Reindeer Suit has an outfit bonus.

Revision: 18360
Garbage Fire equipment. Some missing Throne/Bjorn data. Mime Executive meat drop reduced to 1/3.

Revision: 18361
Untested, recognise broken champagne bottle being thrown away

Revision: 18362
Remove duplicate

Revision: 18363
Make "fold" work for garbage tote items

Revision: 18364
novelty monorail ticket

Revision: 18365
Garbage item tracking (_garbageTreeCharge, _garbageChampagneCharge, _garbageShirtCharge).

Revision: 18366
Good 'n' Quiet, multiusable items

Revision: 18367
items, outfits, effect

Revision: 18368
Handle doubled modifiers from garbage shirt and bottle. Maximizer does not currently handle them.

Revision: 18369
Basic support for broken champagne bottle and garbage shirt in Maximizer

Revision: 18370
Handle broken champagne on disembodied hand. Thanks, Lost. Untested.

Revision: 18371
Correctly calculate number of foldable items available when item is part of Garbage Tote. Correctly handle number of foldable items required when one is required due to bonus, but isn't otherwise best in slot. Hopefully. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18372
Minor fixes

Revision: 18373
Make the stacked item drop doubling all work properly. Probably.

Revision: 18374
Track Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn drops for the Optimistic Candle and Garbage Fire. Remove burning newspaper when using it to create something.

Revision: 18375
Allow crafting of burning newspaper items

Revision: 18376
burning paper slippers modifier

Revision: 18377
Marked Makeshift Garbage Shirt and Broken Champagne Bottle as breakable.

Revision: 18378
Track adventures granted by Mafia Thumb Ring

Revision: 18379
Don't load amorphous blob fights inline

Revision: 18380
Restore some code wrongly removed from Goal Manager in Revision 18301

Revision: 18381
Deceased crimbo tree is breakable too.

Revision: 18382
Quest tracking for New You quest. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18383
Fix typos

Revision: 18384
Show _mafiaThumbRingAdvs in Daily Deeds.

Revision: 18385
Fixed whitespace typo

Revision: 18386
Fix for equipment over max price being suggested by Maximizer to be bought and pulled.

Revision: 18387
Don't set PvP fights to 10 when breaking the hippy stone

Revision: 18388
Fix typo - thumb ring in Daily Deeds

Revision: 18389
New maximizer options panel (under General -> Preferences -> General -> Maximizer. Can set defaults in Maximizer, including all existing ones, plus a few new ones (suppress things which cost adventures, always consider current equipment in aftercore, consider created non-equipment as on hand). Add spleen, full and drunk into verbose maximizer text.

Revision: 18390
Maximizer Filters, based on patch by AlbinoRhino

Revision: 18391
The Fire Inside is capped at 200%. Untested

Revision: 18392
Minor Maximizer price checking tweaks, from AlbinoRhino

Revision: 18393
Maximizer now prefers equipment that drops items, then equipment that drops meat, before considering tiebreaker, assuming all else equal.

Revision: 18394
Missed a meat drop.

Revision: 18395
Pantogram with Ten Leaf Clover sacrifice drops items.

Revision: 18396
For Pantsgiving and some Enthroned/Bjorned Familiars, remove drops items modifier when they have dropped all they will for the day. Add another missing familiar that drops items. Largely untested.

Revision: 18397
Fix typo

Revision: 18398
Breaking your hippy stone has gone back to resetting fights to 10

Revision: 18399
multiusable items

Revision: 18400
Because I couldn't see a hit on main.php prior to refreshing session on login, have added one.

Revision: 18401
Missing quest default

Revision: 18402
Revert Revision 18400 as not needed and extra server hit.

Revision: 18403
Multi-usable item and correction

Revision: 18404
Track Garbage Fire counter (garbageFireProgress)

Revision: 18405
XO Skeleton drop tracking

Revision: 18406
Some spleen spading, thanks Xande1

Revision: 18407
Spading for Garbage Fire consumables.

Revision: 18408
Add LOV Choices to GUI (but don't mark up Spoilers as KOL clear enough already). Fix XO tracking and add link to store. Untested.

Revision: 18409
Affirmation Cookie handling. It will NOT automatically work out number consumed so far this ascension, so you'll need to set affirmationCookiesEaten manually if you've eaten some this ascension. There are just too many potential modifiers now and in the future to learn from the gains.

Revision: 18410
You can only eat one Affirmation Cookie per day.

Revision: 18411
Add opt in warning for drinking without Ode if you cannot cast it yourself but could get from a buffbot.

Revision: 18412
Untested. Grey out Gingerbread Mob Hit once used.

Revision: 18413
Add my_session_adv() to ash.

Revision: 18414
When looking at game description for a second or subsequent time, bring window to front.

Revision: 18415
Handle calculating edPoints if visiting Book of the Undying when not level 1. Untested.

Revision: 18416
Add horsery command and nicer logging of visiting Horsery.

Revision: 18417
Change handling of _horsery so it shows horse type. Horsery now appears in modifiers.txt. Get current horse and (if not currently crazy horse) crazy horse bonuses and store.

Revision: 18418
Maximizer now supports Horsery ! Some other horsery tweaks.

Revision: 18419
Recognise failure to stock store due to KOL price protection.

Revision: 18420
If you SEE a message arrive from someone because chat is open, refresh inventory using API because it may contain items.

Revision: 18421
If you SEE a pvp attack because chat is open, refresh inventory using API because you may have lost items.

Revision: 18422
Sleaze damage from Force of Mayo Be With You now adds 10 plus Blood Mayo Concentration rather than 10.

Revision: 18423
Check current fuel level when you use Asdon Martin keyfob. Untested.

Revision: 18424
Fix silly mistake

Revision: 18425
Hi Meins can be eaten at level 12

Revision: 18426
Missing status effects. Only check mall prices on tradeable items, and Speakeasy drinks are not tradeable!

Revision: 18427
Restore tradeable and discard flags to Speakeasy, and skip them in Maximizer price check. Why is something that doesn't ever exist tradeable? Don''t ask !

Revision: 18428
Refresh session data AFTER resetting preferences. Add api request to populate ascension number first before setting preferences.

Revision: 18429
Load counters and reset Char Pane request before visiting API status when refreshing session.

Revision: 18430
Option to log preference changes.

Revision: 18431
Some missing sources for status effects (mainly comments)

Revision: 18432
Recognize when any item use fails due to Standard restrictions

Revision: 18433
Track mime Shotglass use in Cafe and Speakeasy.

Revision: 18434
Mafia now accounts for mime army shotglass when queuing booze.

Revision: 18435
If someone a skills list has a null record, handle it.

Revision: 18436
Account for the mime army shotglass when prompting about Ode or overdrinking

Revision: 18437
Drop rate lowered for tattered scrap of paper

Revision: 18438
Fix Jelly Use detection. Untested.

Revision: 18439
Updated some Familiar attributes for Mumming Trunk. Added ability to reference familiar attributes in modifiers.txt, and added accounting for warbear foil helmet. Untested

Revision: 18440
Some familiar mummery bonuses.

Revision: 18441
More familiar mumming trunk data

Revision: 18442
Get Moon Phase before checking to see if counters should be reset. Would be handled anyway when starting mafia fresh, but wasn't when mafia running over rollover.

Revision: 18443
Experimental. Reset counters based on next Rollover time from API rather than moon phase. Add ash command rollover() to expose the time. Note that time varies by a few seconds, perhaps based on which server you log in to.

Revision: 18444
Some multiusables, thanks to the dictator.

Revision: 18445
Some fixes from Xande1 and checkitems

Revision: 18446
scratch 'n' sniff sword and crossbow are once again usable into each other.

Revision: 18447
killing jar, silver shrimp fork, and bubblin' crude can't be autosold, but has a minimum mall price
Training Scroll: xxx really do have two spaces after the colon.
gabardine and fiberglass candies

Revision: 18448
Familiar mumming trunk settings for 4 more familiars.

Revision: 18449
Ensure banishes are loaded before resetting them at rollover. Untested.

Revision: 18450
Some mumming trunk spading data

Revision: 18451
Some stuff from February's IotM

Revision: 18452
Some skills

Revision: 18453
Fix typo

Revision: 18454
Allow expressions in aggregate literals. aggregate literals are np longer immutable.

Revision: 18455
More familiar attributes

Revision: 18456
arena parameters for Garbage Fire

Revision: 18457

Revision: 18458
Add Pocket Wish creation as an option in Breakfast automation.

Revision: 18459
More IotM stuff

Revision: 18460
You can walk away from the fortune teller

Revision: 18461
Recognise Pokefam path and Pokefam shop. Some items.

Revision: 18462
Zap group

Revision: 18463
Remove temporary code.

Revision: 18464
Read Familiar list in Pocket Familiars. Expose poke_level in familiar proxy record.

Revision: 18465
Fix Gunther buff. Item Manager now knows Barrel Buffs can go out of season.

Revision: 18466
Handle new skillbooks (untested), some familiar mumming interactions, pokefam ascension image, Jerry Bradfords.

Revision: 18467
Fix typo

Revision: 18468
Track Pocket Familiar team. Expose to ash in my_poke_fam( slot ), where slot is 0 for front, 1 for middle, 2 for back.

Revision: 18469
Recognise PokeFam changes in character pane.

Revision: 18470
Cannot unlock Guild in Pocket Familiars.

Revision: 18471
Don't warn about 100% familiar runs in Pocket Familiars

Revision: 18472
Fix row number in pokestore

Revision: 18473
Mumming trunk data, Polka Dot Bow Tie is +3 Clownosity. Choice of whether or not to allow foldables now in Maximizer preferences only.

Revision: 18474
Clownosity bonus on Bow Tie is +3, but higher than +2 breaks bitmap modifiers, and I don't currently have time to investigate a proper fix.

Revision: 18475
Track if your clan has a fortune teller installed

Revision: 18476
Initial support for logging Familiar Battles. Register correct monsterm at least, so special actions happening after particular
monsters are defeated (should) work correctly.

Revision: 18477
Fix typo

Revision: 18478
|| -> &&, thanks to Ryo_Sangnoir

Revision: 18479
Fix a couple of monsters per Manuel

Revision: 18480
Add get_player_name(int) courtesy of cheesecookie

Revision: 18481
Revert unintended .classpath and .project changes from 18480, sorry I haven't committed in a while!

Revision: 18482
Trying to resolve build issues.

Revision: 18483
Maybe this works?

Revision: 18484
Some mummery modifiers

Revision: 18485
In Pokefam, log your familiar's skill usage each round

Revision: 18486
More dupport for Familar Battles: do normal "end of round" processing.

Revision: 18487
Some more familiar mumming data

Revision: 18488
Add "fortune" CLI command. Syntax is "fortune buff <buffname>" or "fortune <clanmate name>". All three words can be specified, otherwise the words in clanFortuneWord1 to 3 (defaults are pizza/batman/thick) will be used.

Revision: 18489
When you start the Island War in Pokefam, set # of hippies & fratboys defeated to 500.
Do certain post-fight fight decorations after a fambattle, too

Revision: 18490
Pokefam familiars

Revision: 18491
Last of the mumming trunk familiar data that affects bonuses.

Revision: 18492
Pokefam Guide stuff

Revision: 18493
Pokefam familiar hatchlings are type "grow", rather than "none", since you CAN "use" them to put them into your terrarium.
Enforcing the "only in Pokefam" is a separate issue and can be added later; no reason to keep Pokefamers from growing them.

Revision: 18494
Fix typo

Revision: 18495
More pokefam garden items

Revision: 18496
more relay browser decorations after a fambattle

Revision: 18497
Spending 1000 turns doesn't let you break Ronin in Pocket Familiars

Revision: 18498
Fix Snojo fight tracking in Pocket Familiars

Revision: 18499
Fix display issue showing negative turns of Ronin in Pocket Familiars

Revision: 18500
More Pokefam items, familiars, effects.

Revision: 18501
Fix ordering for familiar equipment and familiar* when detecting item types

Revision: 18502
Anad another pokefam item

Revision: 18503
Fix typo

Revision: 18504
Updated familiar name

Revision: 18505
Untested. Stooper gives 1 extra liver whilst current familiar.

Revision: 18506
Corrected Eagle's Milk. Thanks, PeKaJe

Revision: 18507
Fix Stooper handling

Revision: 18508
More staleness

Revision: 18509
Love Potion

Revision: 18510
Update relay browser from preferences for Clan Fortune Teller (clanFortuneWord1, clanFortuneWord2, clanFortuneWord3 for consulting, clanFortuneReply1, clanFortuneReply2, clanFortuneReply3 for responding to consultations).

Revision: 18511
More Love Potion

Revision: 18512

Revision: 18513
Fix stupid check for disembodied hand. Untested.

Revision: 18514
Add Clan Fortune Teller to Maximizer. Fortune Teller consumable spading.

Revision: 18515
Support for tall grass garden. We will recognize that you have one - and
ASH get_campground() will include a "tall grass seeds" entry to mark
that - and you can configure Breakfast (in Ronion and out of Ronin) to
Actually successfully harvesting is not working yet.
Also, fix a few Pokefam familiars to be "grow" rather than "none"

Revision: 18516
Do not track fraftboysDefeated and hippiesDefeated in local static variables; always fetch them from the appropriate
setting so that, for example, when you start the war in Pocket Familiars and we set the defeated count for both sides
to 500, visiting the Island will not reset the values to 548, since that is the minimum for image 21 and it is higher
than the cached value of 0.

Revision: 18517
fix CampgroundRequest.harvestGarden() to pick all the patches of tall grass in your garden.

Revision: 18518
Fix post tavern processing in Pocket Familiars so "explore next square" works

Revision: 18519
No wand needed in Pocket Familiars

Revision: 18520
No boos checks in Pokefam, since all the bosses (that have ML differing rewards) are replaced by Jerry Bradford.
Fix Grass Garden in the Gash decorator. Recognize it, recognize when it is an option.

Revision: 18521
Initial version of Pokefam familiar attributes

Revision: 18522
Some Pokefam spading

Revision: 18523
Green rocket

Revision: 18524
A little more spading

Revision: 18525
Initial implementation: read fambattle.txt into new data structure. Validate fields.
Fix errors in the data file discovered by said validation.

Revision: 18526
power goes to 4 and hp goes to 5

Revision: 18527
More Pokefam spading

Revision: 18528
Some pokefam spading

Revision: 18529
Some more pokefam spading

Revision: 18530
Add pokefam data to ASH familiar proxy fields

Revision: 18531
Guess what, it's more pokefam spading.

Revision: 18532
A couple more bits of spading

Revision: 18533
More fambattle spading. Change Armored to Armor. Parse HTML of first round of
fambattle.php and extract everything interesting about the familiars.

Revision: 18534
Fix planting grass from Valhalla Decorator

Revision: 18535
When we see previuously unknown Pokefam data, print it to gCLI and session log

Revision: 18536
More pokefam spading. Collect move descriptions and short name from fambattles

Revision: 18537
More pokefam spading

Revision: 18538
Pokefam spading from Magus_Prime and Ryo_Sangnoir

Revision: 18539
When look at the pokefam team management page, learn pokefam parameters, just as we do
from a fambattle. More pokefam spading.

Revision: 18540
More pokefam spading

Revision: 18541
Recognize when you feed a pokepill to a familiar and save it in setting "pokefamBoosts".
Take that into account when examining familiar power/HP/attributes in the Team Manager and in battle
and don't get fooled into thinking the augmented familiar has normal stats.
More fambattle spading.

Revision: 18542
Anyone for pokefam spading?

Revision: 18543
Don't get burned by KoL bug: if you power up a familiar with a pokepill that grants an attribute it alread has,
save the powerup as "None"

Revision: 18544
New monorail zone.

Revision: 18545
KoL capitalization change

Revision: 18546
tree hugging hippy protestor

Revision: 18547
fambattle spading

Revision: 18548
Pokefam correction from Magus_Prime, meat drops at Monorail.

Revision: 18549
More Pokedata

Revision: 18550
Oyster Fools Day items and effects

Revision: 18551
tree loving hippy protestor, egg spading, some pokefam data from Magus_Prime

Revision: 18552
Familiar arena parameters (thanks to jrsiebz)

Revision: 18553
Default # of trials when learning familiar arena parameters upped from 3 to 10.
Correct parameters for pokefams after jrsiebz reran his tests with more trials

Revision: 18554
Clan Fortune skills auto-perm so can't be permed.

Revision: 18555
Correct Cornbeefadon arena stats, Rhinestones are multi-usable.

Revision: 18556
Resubmit after Sourceforge hiccup.

Revision: 18557
Untested tweak to correct _snojoFreeFights if Mafia doesn't see the 10th win.

Revision: 18558
Fix pixel drop rates

Revision: 18559
Correct _tonicDjinn tracking, as per Saklad5 @

Revision: 18560
Lyle and Fantasy items

Revision: 18561
fix typo, add faerie dust

Revision: 18562
More Fantasyrealm stuff

Revision: 18563
Track permanent unlocks in FantasyRealm. Used membership (frAlways) - note, will NOT be automatically recognised historically, use "set frAlways = true". Daily membership (_frToday) recognised when used. Unlocked maps (frMountainsUnlocked, frWoodUnlocked, frSwampUnlocked, frVillageUnlocked, frCemetaryUnclocked) recognised when used or when FantasyRealm page visited in relay browser before visiting Welcome Center.

Revision: 18564
Add link to spend Rubees when they drop

Revision: 18565
Some FantasyRealm items

Revision: 18566
Correct skill name, thanks to AlbinoRhino

Revision: 18567
FantasyRealm stuff, more

Revision: 18568
More FantasyRealm stuff from Ezandora and Yendor

Revision: 18569
Spider Queen

Revision: 18570
Duke Vampire

Revision: 18571
FantasyRealm items pulverise into Rubee's (well, some do according to Khurby). Also this years Standard item pulverises added.

Revision: 18572
Untested - Check for tokens in AdventureResult.parseItem before moving to next one at start. May have been mangled by Salad for exammple.

Revision: 18573
Master Thief

Revision: 18574
Missing berry effects, thanks to Yendor

Revision: 18575
Some more locations and monsters for FantasyRealm from Yendor.

Revision: 18576

Revision: 18577
Some pokefam updates.

Revision: 18578
More FantasyRealm stuff from Ezandora

Revision: 18579
Fix a typo

Revision: 18580
Track FantasyRealm questing, hours left (_frHoursLeft), areas unlocked (_frAreasUnlocked) and buttons pressed (_frButtonsPressed).

Revision: 18581
Monster tracking for Fantasy Realm (_frMonstersKilled). Fix for barrow wraith? and "Pheonix" are experimental and probably wrong.

Revision: 18582
Fix choice spoiler - thanks to Ryo_Sangnoir

Revision: 18583
Recognised when Favored by Lyle (_lyleFavored), add it to Maximizer. Also mark stuff complete when visitng WLF Bunker when it is silent.

Revision: 18584
Log visiting Lyle

Revision: 18585
Support for Expert Corner-Cutter. Untested.

Revision: 18586
Guess that PokeFams that you can have as familiars are normal effects (and that Unspeakachu is a reverse Hound Dog for combat rate). They can't go in Throne or Bjorn.

Revision: 18587
I must not forget to commit the new file. I must not forget to commit the new file. I must not forget to commit the new file. . .

Revision: 18588
Change duration of Paul's Passionate Pop Song to match other AT songs.

Revision: 18589
Mu Arena Parameters

Revision: 18590
Fix _tonicDjinn tracking

Revision: 18591
Recognize adventure failure in FantasyRealm after daily time is up

Revision: 18592
Log who a gift package was from. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18593
Replace spaces with underscores in chat log file names.

Revision: 18594
Fix stupid typo in ChoiceManager.

Revision: 18595
Making Staff of Kitchen Royalty (hopefully)

Revision: 18596
Add autoPinkyRing and account for Mafia Pinky Ring in wine adventure calculations. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18597
Simplification of allowed to eat/drink code. Previously checked for Cafe and Item requests, now also checked for Speakeasy / Hot Dogs. Now checks only exist once in code for Eating as well as Drinking. Hopefully haven't broken anything whilst fixing some edge cases?

Revision: 18598
Initial God Lobster stuff

Revision: 18599
Using 'overdrink', suppress all prompts as 'eatsilent' does.

Revision: 18600
For symmetry, allow "drinksilent" (same meaning as "overdrink").

Revision: 18601
Revise effect of mafia pinky ring to match spading. Consider Refined Palate in adventure listing, and interaction between the two.

Revision: 18602
Remove unnecessary recalculation of adventure ranges.

Revision: 18603
Don't get stuck in loop in Skeleton Store. God Lobster mummery stats. Some physical resistances.

Revision: 18604
Some more God Lobster stuff.

Revision: 18605
Untested. Harvest mushroom plot when entering Valhalla.

Revision: 18606
Clarified Butter

Revision: 18607
Pokefam Mu

Revision: 18608
Prompt for or equip pinky ring or tuxedo even if shotglass makes consumption 0 inebriety.

Revision: 18609
In Pokefam, grey out Familiar and Familiar equipment in Gear Changer, produce error for familiar actions, ignore maximizer switch command, recognise Rainbow Storm.

Revision: 18610
Fanatical Fortune

Revision: 18611
choiceadventure 1281 "leave" option is 8, not 6

Revision: 18612
Fix overdrink message so it doesn't appear if the shotglass drink is drunk at limit.

Revision: 18613
Warn and ask for confirmation if you won't survive doing the Hedge Maze and you've asked to automate it. Lightly tested.

Revision: 18614
Abort hedge maze automation if you don't succeed.

Revision: 18615
Fix recognising familiar team by image from Character Pane.

Revision: 18616
Some missing standard pokefam data.

Revision: 18617
Even when prompts are supressed when eating/drinking, still do automation.

Revision: 18618
PokeFams can have two attributes, one natural, one added. Account for this when registering familiars.

Revision: 18619
Once, Twice, Thrice Cursed can be removed by Shake It Off and Hot Tub.

Revision: 18620
(Hopefully) detect defeating "Blofeld", Jerry Bradford, Pokéfam World Champion and barrow wraith.

Revision: 18621
Fix for A New You quest tracking, recognise defeating Jerry Bradford, World Champion, a little extra Pokefam spading.

Revision: 18622
The Troll Fortress is outdoors