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Thread: [Newbie] How to start? / Checking Combat/Adventure

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    Default [Newbie] How to start? / Checking Combat/Adventure

    Hei there!
    I hope this is the right section to ask, but let's try anyway:

    I was thinking about "recreating" something like the "holiday monster window" (that is "standard" in kolmafia) for my "own" triggers.
    For example I currently create a timer manually for the Lights Out Questline for tracking, when I have to get back to the Manor. So basically: I encounter a Lights Out NC, I write "/timer 37 spooky" in chat.
    Would be nice, if kolmafia could do that by itself; and I probably can do it with a script.
    But there also some other things I would like to track; like SongBoom itemdrop, or the new wandering monsters from the Voting etc.

    I checked around the wiki a little bit and my first idea actuall would be to go with the chat function:
    chat_clan( "/timer 37 spooky");
    and that should work!? (that would be enough for me for now; very "future idea" would be to switch items automatically and so on, but babysteps!)
    But the "interesting" part would be the decision making and checking the adventure/combat I'm in. Also I don't really know, how I can make a script be active all the time...

    I'm a programmer, so while I don't know anything about ASH-scripting, I should understand, what's going on! A few basic starter tricks and tipps what functions I should look at (man, there are hundreds...) would be great anyway!
    The "beginner corner" at the wiki sadly is not that helpful at a quick glance...

    So, where could I find some hints and tipps for that?
    Or is there already a script I could use and I don't know of?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The equivalent of KoL timers is mafia's "counters" command. You can use that in scripts.

    For spookyraven specifically, use "spookyraven on" to start those counters. There are also settings for the vote monsters, and "prefref vote" probably shows all of those.

    Tracking SongBoom itemdrop is complicated, because free kills don't count (so you can't just count monster kills), and noncombats that take a turn don't count (so you can't just set a timer/counter).

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    Also, for future reference, any cli commands starting with a / get passed to kol as chat commands, so you can just do: 'cli_execute("/timer 37 spooky")', but yeah, for the vote monsters and the lights out noncombats, there is already built in support available.

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