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Thread: Stack overflow when encountering unexpected result in DwarfFactoryRequest

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    Default Stack overflow when encountering unexpected result in DwarfFactoryRequest

    While trying to adventure at the "Warehouse" zone inside the Dwarven Factory Complex I received the "Unexpected error, debug log printed." message in the CLI and a no-data page in the relay browser. Looking at the debug log, I see this was a StackOverflowError caused by DwarfFactoryRequest getting stuck in endless recursion between eliminateItemRune() and pruneItemRunes(). The underlying problem turned out to be that KOL is bugged on the Warehouse. It was sending back the response you get when you're overdrunk despite the fact that I was at 20/20 liver (liver of steel +1 from NEP skill). I used a synthetic dog hair pill to get to 19/20 liver and was able to complete the Warehouse normally. I bug reported this to KOL since the drunk check problem is clearly on their side. The request for Mafia here is to do some checking and give back a nicer error if it receives a response from which it cannot parse the runes (having an empty string for the "rune" parameter to those two functions was what put it into a loop). I'm attaching the mafia debug log and the content of "responseText" that was passed into DwarfFactoryRequest.parseResponse() when the error occurred.
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