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Thread: Relay browser and svn script loading issues

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    Default Relay browser and svn script loading issues


    I started using KoL Mafia a few months ago and I could not solve the following two problems ever since:

    1- I cannot get the relay browser to work. It gives the following message in Chrome:

    This page isnít working unexpectedly closed the connection.

    2- I cannot load scripts via svn, I always get the following error message:

    > svn checkout

    Starting Checkout...
    Validating repo...
    Repo validated.
    svn: E200030: SQLite error
    SVN ERROR during checkout operation. Aborting...
    Requests complete.

    I also tried cleanup, again I get the same error:

    > svn cleanup

    Performing Cleanup...
    svn: E200030: SQLite error
    SVN ERROR. Aborting...
    Requests complete.

    These two issues severely limit my enjoyment of using KoL Mafia. I'd be very happy if I can get some help.
    I also attached the bug report I got after trying to install a few scripts.
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    There is this I found - - An Antivirus real time scan was causing that issue.

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