My impression from a first glance: this should be comparable to EatDrink (in that it uses a greedy approach) in results. vcon attempts to solve knapsack, so would have better results, ignoring special handling.

That said, given that this script handles more of the special cases that KoL consumption is rife with, I'd expect this to be slightly better than vcon (as of the last time I looked at it, anyhow).

Certainly using your marginal MPA from the end of the day is better than using your mean MPA, but it is not optimal either. The optimal value is usually lower. Using your final MPA means you are making near zero profit for your ending adventures. Fewer adventures with more meat coming in could provide more profit. Hitting optimal is actually a very hard problem.
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I'm not convinced. Your marginal MPA should be just fine in computing the value of an item, as long as you take into consideration its cost.

You would be making near zero profit compared to an alternative, slightly-cheaper diet. Not zero profit entirely. There's a big difference between those two options.


Revision 120 of vcon calculates adventure profitability for spleen toxins, in the same way it does for foods and boozes, but doesn't consider just "superior" items, since Jick's idea of a "superior" spleen toxin seemingly has nothing to do with adventure yield.
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At least in my case, I determined that most spleen items are inferior to sweet synthesis (which I value at ~20k meat per spleen, which for me requires a minimum of 4 adv/spleen to even start being considered, i.e. blood-drive sticker).