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Thread: eat cli command attempted to buy from unavailable coinmaster

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    Default eat cli command attempted to buy from unavailable coinmaster

    I've been trying to fill out my consumption history recently and I noticed this when I ran 'eat bone meal' in the cli:

    Verifying ingredients for bone meal (1)...
    Searching for "bone chips"...
    Search     complete.
    Purchasing bone chips (6 @ 500)...
    Purchasing     bone chips (10 @ 623)...
    Purchasing bone chips (11 @ 624)...
    Purchasing     bone chips (23 @ 625)...
    Purchases complete.
    The     Altar of Bones is not available
    The purchases tab shows the Altar of Bones coinmaster as a purchase method however it is greyed-out so I think it does appear mafia is aware that it should be unavailable. I did have autoBuyPriceLimit set to 100k when doing this so I believe it would have been able to be purchased from the mall.
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