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Thread: semirare counter desyncing

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    I have no interest in putting in lots of extra tracking to handle aftercore semirares. The meat from finding them just isn't important enough. Your concern about 20k meat for a semirare while being willing to throw turns at Twin Peak until you burn it down confuses me.
    Originally Posted by lostcalpolydude View Post
    It is not concern about 20k meat. I mainly use it in run to get density 6 food/drink in run which can help with daycount. I just happened to coincidentally notice this issue in aftercore that one time while hunting down factoids.
    Also I am currently handling it manually. So it is really more about making mafia more optimal than it is about me personally needing it.

    Also, by willingness to throw 50 turns at twin peak to burn it down are you referring to me making that feature request to have mafia auto stop in twin peak when it burns down twin peak?
    That was in a 0 skill HC Ed run where I could not easily get the necessary +50% item drop and had no access to queue manipulation. Moreover it was on a multi account that I don't care too much about and mainly use for testing stuff.

    Also, it does not need to be exhaustive tracking that calculates every single possible scenario in depth.
    1. On the existing tracking code for community service. put a check to see if the just done community service coincided with the existing semirare counter. On partial coverage set the variable to 1, on full coverage set the variable to 2.
    2. On post combat handling, if variable is not zero, set it to zero
    3. on eating fortune cookie/drinking lindy do an if check for that variable. if it is on 0, do nothing new.
    If it is on 1, give a warning "mafia can't be certain if semirare counter exists on the server. you might want to first adventure somewhere to set it, still consume Yes/No".
    If it is on 2, give a warning "mafia determined that semirare counter has not been set on the server. you need to adventure somewhere first before consuming fortune cookie/lucky lindy".
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    That just leaves the case where your counter is exactly 0, where you will also get bogus numbers from a fortune cookie (not sure about a lindy, but probably there too).
    Originally Posted by lostcalpolydude View Post
    Finally remembered to test this. You indeed get bogus numbers from lindy when the counter is zero

    You gain 4 Adventures
    You gain 7 Strengthliness
    You gain 5     Mysteriousness
    You gain 5 Chutzpah
    You lose 500 Meat
    Lindy burp:     196
    [1861] The Haunted Pantry
    Encounter: The Pilsbury     Doughjerk
    You acquire tasty tart (3)
    You gain 3 Adventures
    You     gain 7 Fortitude
    You gain 6 Magicalness
    You gain 5 Cheek
    You gain     1 Drunkenness
    You lose some of an effect: Ode to Booze (-1)
    You lose     500 Meat
    Lindy burp: 175

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    I finally got around to intentionally losing a free fight (Neverending Party) and I wasn't able to make the counter desync.

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