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Thread: use subfolders for session logs

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    It is fairly standard for log keeping to separate by account and by year. So even if the improvement itself is minor, it doesn't cause any harm or take much effort.
    Originally Posted by taltamir View Post
    Standard where? I have spend decades processing logs and it seems for every application that dumps all the files in one directory, there is at least one app that works better if the logs are binned in subdirectories so logs get binned before processing. Similarly if the log generatior uses sub-directories there will be at least one calculation/computation that is easier to do on all the files on a directory than to do in separate directories and merge.

    A lot of people think something might be easy, and often it is, until they are reminded of a requirement that the old way and the new way have to peacefully coexist. So if we change the standard so that logs are written to different directories, session_logs() (for example) has to look in several places as well as sessions. Do we include utilities so KoLmafia/ash migrates everything unconditionally? Does creating/allowing new subdirectories open up a security hole that did not exist before? Etc., etc.

    My OCD manifests itself by limiting redundant information. Thus if the subdirectory had the date or the character name, then the file would not. So to satisfy both of our OCD tendencies the file name and location would need to be changed :-)
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    You just vehemently agreed with me
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    I agree with frono.
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