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Thread: CLI command to acquire turtle totem via chewing gum on a string?

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    And revision 18952 makes it possible to actually "create 3 worthless item", say; for some reason, HermitRequest specifically set that pseudo-item as NOCREATE - even after the actual creatable concoction had been installed.

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    The main issue there is that toy accordion is a waste of meat if you will soon be buying an antique accordion. And with meat being tight early on day 1, and a saucepan not really being needed for a while usually (compared to a turtle totem being useful on turn 0), that code wouldn't be very useful for me. But if it works for you (perhaps due to pulling something to autosell for early meat), then that's great.
    Originally Posted by lostcalpolydude View Post
    Oh hey, sorry for the delayed response. Anyways, thank you.

    I was mainly using it for HCCS rather than maintaining long term buffs, in HCCS I find the cheaper accordion works better for me. But I would definitely want the better one for normal runs as you said.
    Revision 18951 adds a creation method for sewer items.

    acquire turtle totem - will go to the sewer to fish one out, if not already in inventory
    acquire 10 worthless item - will ensure that you have 10 worthless items in inventory, going fishing if necessary

    You can also use create to force retrieval, regardless of how many you have in inventory

    create 3 turtle totem - will get you 3 more turtle totems

    Note that "acquire" will use all valid (per preferences) item sources, but create always goes fishing.
    Which is generally true, for acquire vs. create
    Originally Posted by Veracity View Post
    awesome. thank you.

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