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Thread: Disgeist Non-Combat Formula

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    Default Disgeist Non-Combat Formula

    I'm currently using version r18887

    Mafia's non-combat calculation for the Disgeist familair seems to be using an inverse Hound Dog formula decreasing combat by floor(weight/6). The wiki shows the calculation as decreasing by floor(weight/7.5) which is backed up by the current PVP mini showing non-combat chance. The cap for the two familiars is also different, the Hound Dog caps at +5% while the Disgeist caps at -10%

    For example a 33lb Disgeist and no other combat chance effects shows -5% in mafia, but the PVP mini lists it at -4%. At 76lbs mafia shows -5% and the PVP mini shows -10%.

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