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Thread: Some monsters no longer have relay browser decoration

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    Default Some monsters no longer have relay browser decoration

    Since r18835, some monsters aren't getting elemental alignment coloring and stat listings in the relay browser. Seems to be when the monster has a capital letter in the name.

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    Revision 18838.

    Since all my characters are overdrunk, I used a pocket wish to test this. What's a little Meat for testing KoLmafia, eh? That's why my test multis farm Meat. They have nothing better to use it for.

    I wished to fight a hellion
    I was dumped into a fight with a Hellion.
    Its name was red and all the monster data (drops, etc.) was there.
    I hit the "script" button. My CCS script has this entry in it:

    [ hellion ]
    skill spaghetti spear
    It worked as expected. Session log:

    [637772] genie summoned monster
    Encounter: Hellion
    Round 0: Tebryn wins initiative!
    Round 1: Tebryn executes a macro!
    Round 1: Tebryn casts SPAGHETTI SPEAR!
    Round 2: Hellion takes 15 damage.
    Round 2: Tebryn attacks!
    Round 3: Hellion takes 8146 damage.
    Round 3: Tebryn wins the fight!
    After Battle: Wingwang whirls around picking up items, like a little couscous tornado.
    After Battle: You gain 6 Fortitude
    After Battle: You gain 8 Wizardliness
    After Battle: You gain 7 Cheek

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