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Thread: Deep Suggestion - NS Familiar Guide?

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    Default Deep Suggestion - NS Familiar Guide?

    Any chance we could get a little blip at the bottom of the page during the NS familiar battle? I am too stupid to remember what familiar to use against what, even though it's only five combinations. I would just love something that says, "Mafia says: use your Mosquito to defeat the Angry Goat!"

    That'd be nice.

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    You could try renaming your familiars:

    For example if the Barrrnacle is used to defeat the potato, just rename your Barrrnacle to "Potato"

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    You could try renaming your familiars:

    For example if the Barrrnacle is used to defeat the potato, just rename your Barrrnacle to "Potato"
    Originally Posted by dawdawdo View Post
    That only helps if you actually want to go to the terrarium page to see your familiar's names. It doesn't let you type a quick command into mafia's CLI, and it doesn't let you use the game's /familiar command either, without already knowing which familiar you need.

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    Also note that the built-in tower climbing logic will fight the right familiars for you, even buffing up (somewhat, it's not perfect) and training in the arena if necessary. Of course it also conveniently fights tower monsters for you as well, telling you what is missing if it fails.

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    Sure kolMafia can do the tower for you, but sometimes you'd just rather do it yourself in the relay browser with hints in case your brain times-out. I'm a big fan of relay browser vs auto-adventuring, so I agree with the poster's desires, even though it has been a long time since I was unable to remember how to beat those familiars.

    After all, mafia offers hints for the gates and a bunch of other such things, why not the NS familiars also?
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    I second this,
    I can never remember what familiars to use, even after over 20 ascensions...

    The tower function is great for the tower, but as often as I have used it, it is 0 for 20 in defeating the shadow. I always kill the shadow manually and then do the familiars and NS manually through the relay browser. It would help to have the familiar hints since I always have to look them up.

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    I agree it would be nice to have the hints. i also have to look it up each time as i do my tower runs manually through the relay browser. i however have the sequence in a nice one liner as follows, where if you see the goat, you need the mosquito, etc.

    Angry Goat => Mosquito => Saber-T Lime => Lev Potato => Barrrnacle => Angry Goat

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    Or Mafia could just give you a link to take the appropriate familiar out of your terrarium, kind of like the helpful links it gives you when you need to use the black market map or equip the worm-riding hooks.

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