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Thread: Mercenary Mood -- choiceadv adjustment as you go, modifier maintenance, etc.

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    Not sure whether this is MM, BBB or something else.

    SC, Standard. I pulled 4 rusty hedge trimmers in anticipation of the Twin Peak. Something immediately used them. While I appreciate the attempt at convenience, the character was not prepared to meet all of the prerequisites so the net effect is that the trimmer use was wasted. I obviously can avoid this in the future. I'd be all right with never automatically using the trimmers but the ideal solution would be to only use them if there was one unmet condition that was satisfied. It is certainly possible I have missed a configuration option but...

    Feature Request - a toggle that defaults to false. When it is true and a character is about to adventure in an area with a new latte ingredient the mug will be equipped and the latte ingredient added to conditions. I do not expect this to work for the verge of war frat house and hippy camp but most of the other areas should support this.

    Feature Request - I very much admire and appreciate the way Veracity's Meatfarming Script handles voting monsters. I would be very glad if similar functionality were (optionally) available for all scripts and semi-manual adventuring. That sounds like a job for MM.

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    Hmmm. BBB's code for using rusty trimmers is:

    PHP Code:
       if (!qprop("questL09Topping") && get_property("twinPeakProgress") != "15" && !($strings[0,6contains get_property("choiceAdventure606")) && item_amount($item[rusty hedge trimmers]) > && be_good($item[rusty hedge trimmers]))
    1,$item[rusty hedge trimmers]); 
    It's an if rather than a while, so it should use at most one of them at once. It also checks that the choiceadv property is set to one of the tests (which happens here in MM before BBB is called), so if you have 4 trimmers and go to autoadventure at Twin Peak, you should ostensibly keep using trimmers so long as you have a valid choice. I don't generally play SC so I've never tried this with multiple trimmers at once, though. Did you have MM active?

    Also hmmm... this presents a situation in which BBB will not function correctly without MM, yet it does not require MM as a dependency. I'll have to do something about this. I'd prefer to keep them independent if possible.

    FR1: I could definitely see auto-equipping the latte, but I don't think I'll add it to conditions. I expect people would go out of their way for certain important ingredients; but for less important ones you'd probably just want to gather whichever you happen to find along the way, without adding extra turns.

    FR2: I believe that would probably be the job of a counterScript. Unfortunately the primary counterScript on these forums is not presently being maintained, so I added this to said script (which will still need some attention; I simply added this as a patch to help me get factoids):

    PHP Code:
       case "Vote Monster": if (my_location() == $location[through the spacegate]) return true;
          if (
    have_equipped($item["I Voted!&quotsticker])) return true;
    cli_execute("checkpoint; equip acc3 i voted sticker");
    adv1(my_location(), -1""));
    cli_execute("outfit checkpoint");
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    I'm trying my first run with only Mercenary Mood as my mood and I'm noticing a few things that I wish were different but didn't take careful notes. I will do so on my next run. The things that really struck me as odd are:

    • When fighting the Haunted Boiler with the unstable fulminate equipped Mercenary Mood didn't take advantage of character skills to boost ML.
    • When searching for tomb ratchets Mercenary Mood didn't take advantage of character skills to boost +item.
    • While there were a few areas where I noticed Mercenary Mood manipulating +/- combat there were other locations where I didn't see it. Whitey's Grove, when looking for ingredients for Wet Stunt Nut Stew, comes to mind.

    Most of the desired changes involve either swapping Accordion Thief songs around or casting, low MP cost, buffs.

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