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Thread: GZip Support for Session Logs

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    I wrote a Bourne script for compressing session logs that should work on everything besides Windows without modification, if anyone wants it.

    It takes the path of the KoLmafia data directory as an argument, and requires GNU Parallel and gzip. Itíll distribute work efficiently across all available CPUs.
    Originally Posted by Saklad5 View Post
    Hmm. I would have just done something like
    pigz -9 ~/KoLmafia/sessions/*

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    I’ve heard of pigz, but it seems like it produces slightly larger files due to splitting the file up for processing. I’ve also heard it is rather inefficient, especially with RAM. Besides, that’s mainly for using multiple CPU threads to compress one file, and that isn’t really necessary here. Log files are almost certainly not going to be larger than a few megabytes, but there are potentially many of them.

    Also, GNU Parallel is wonderful and should be installed on everything anyway. It can show progress bars with ETAs, output job logs, and even distribute work across multiple systems using SSH and rsync.
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