I have an alias called 'inferno' that goes to the volcano and chooses the -1 drunkenness option. I want to put this alias inside of another one called 'consume' that does my daily consumptions, but it gives an error saying that it doesn't recognize the command. It actually used to work in the past, but at some point that changed. Here is what the two commands look like:

inferno => outfit inferno; ashq visit_url("place.php?whichplace=airport_hot&action=airport4_zone1"); visit_url("choice.php?whichchoice=1090&option=5")

consume => use milk o; eat 3 spooky hi; cast 2 ode; drink 6 perf dark; inferno; drink 2 cold one; chew 3 powdered gold; use mojo f; chew powdered g
Any help is much appreciated