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Thread: How to tell mafia that I have access to FantasyRealm?

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    Default How to tell mafia that I have access to FantasyRealm?

    Mafia does not recognize that I have FantasyRealm access for cc_snapshot. How do I tell mafia that I have it? I did a quick prefref search but could not find anything relevant.

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    Track permanent unlocks in FantasyRealm. Used membership (frAlways) - note, will NOT be automatically recognised historically, use "set frAlways = true". Daily membership (_frToday) recognised when used. Unlocked maps (frMountainsUnlocked, frWoodUnlocked, frSwampUnlocked, frVillageUnlocked, frCemetaryUnclocked) recognised when used or when FantasyRealm page visited in relay browser before visiting Welcome Center.

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    Ah, thanks. I tried "prefref fantasy" and prefref "realm". Didn't think to use the abbreviation.

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    Most of the settings can be seen with
    prefref ^fr.* regex
    I don't think most people even know that regex is an option, since it's so rarely needed.

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