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Thread: Track clan dungeon instances

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    Default Track clan dungeon instances

    I noticed in the page source to clan_raidlog.php we actually get the ids of each current dungeon instance per clan. It might be useful to track this for various reasons?

    I've never contributed to mafia before and Java isn't my first language so insert the appropriate alarm bells, but I had a go and attach a patch for tracking those instance ids as well as a new preference to track the total sewer explorations. This is made much more reliable by knowing what instance we're looking at.

    If people think it's a good idea, I can work on it a bit more (for example, it should probably track across multiple clans in case you're a serial clanhopper).


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    How would this be used? It looks like you only worked on tracking sewerExploration, which seems less useful for the common case (I assume) of clearing the whole sewer in a single session. For just about anything else in any dungeon, clanmates can change the values, making them unreliable to track. So I don't actually understand what you are hoping to gain from this.

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    Honestly I'm only just getting into clan dungeons for the first time ever, was surprised that we couldn't track the explorations and wanted to work on mafia! If it's not useful that's no problem.

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