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Thread: Free Runaway counter not incrementing when blind

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    Default Free Runaway counter not incrementing when blind

    I've been trying to find the best uses for free runaways in aftercore. I was just testing for delay burning in Dinsey's toxic teacups. It looks like that zone actually burns delay, but there's a random chance of getting blinded in that zone, and once you're blinded, all the messages change, including the free runaway message from stomping boots. This causes the mafia counter "_banderRunaways" to not increment.

    I know there are quite a few effects which change messages in ways that KoLmafia can't tell what's going on, like "Salad", and turning stuff into rhymes, and staff of homophones, etc. And handling all that is way too big in scope to even consider, and in many cases impossible. But being able to tell if a free runaway occurred seems pretty important if you're counting how many you have left.

    It seems like if you perform a "runaway" action with a free runaway familiar active and enough weight, and combat ends the next round without taking a turn, it should be able to increment the counter. Or is it even possible to tell if you performed a runaway action, with the possibility of combat macros executing multiple actions for one call? Maybe there are other ways to tell, like all the post-combat messages being missing, so the last thing it says is something along the lines of "stomping boots performed some action but you don't know what."

    The main way I see that this could go wrong would be if you were fighting a free monster, and you use a "chance of free runaway" activation, like greatest american pants where the free runaway isn't guaranteed, and there's a "modify combat text" effect active, and combat ends from something besides the runaway, it could think you spent your runaway when you didn't. But that seems an extremely unlikely scenario compared to "I'm burning delay and got blinded". Thinking you have fewer free runaways remaining than you actually do is safer than thinking you have more than you actually do.

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    For that last paragraph, if you run away from a free fight, it will generally cost a turn (if you don't use a free runaway). There is probably some exception to that, but I think that would be a safe assumption.

    The hard part (as I recently brought up in another thread) is recognizing whether a combat took a turn. I can't think of a sane way of figuring that out.

    I also don't think it's important to support niche aftercore farming activities when it's nontrivial to do so. And I think it's reasonable to call anything that results in text mangling and not killing monsters a niche farming strategy.

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