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Thread: Numberology casts not properly detected anymore

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    Default Numberology casts not properly detected anymore

    I've noticed that the Numberology/Calculate the Universe casts detection doesn't work properly anymore.
    KolMafia always reports that I've already calculated the universe, but manual casting still works so the maximum number isn't reached (I have 3 casts/day).
    From the logs it last worked on Saturday 16th of June, probably KolMafia v18664 or 18665.
    I've tested v18667 and v18669 and both don't work (if it wasn't a server side change between Saturday and Sunday which broke it.

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    Works fine for me. Maybe you lost your settings, and you need to set skillLevel144 = 3 (or whatever number it should be for you).

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    You're right, seems like I lost a bnch of other preferences as well (like Spacegate access, Barrel, Belch the Rainbow etc.).
    I'm not sure how this happened as moy other prefs are fine, possibly I synched the wrong way round between computers
    Is there a list somewhere of preferences which do not get automatically detected on login so I can see what else might be affected?

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    Hmm, good question.
    Among them are the various charters and other zones where you can buy a one day pass, but there is no clue whether you are accessing them on a one-day pass or a full pass. (preferences all end "Always")

    Some need you to see the values of skills, which can be worked out from there (eg Slimy skills), but some skills don't tell you what level of skill you have (Belch The Rainbow, Calculate the Universe, Toggle Optimality), but are tracked:

    There are other things, but mostly should be set by looking at things (So Barrel access by visiting Dungeons)

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    Great, many thanks for the list (and of course also to lostcalpolydude for pointing me in the right direction)!
    I was able to set the properties above manually and also manually visited all the optional zones I could think of, hopefully now all is fine again

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