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Thread: Don't remove stores that have me on /ignore from mall search results

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    Default Don't remove stores that have me on /ignore from mall search results

    If a store owner has me on /ignore and refuses purchases from me, mafia removes the store from search results. This ends up giving me misleading price information, and is a regular problem with a Mr. A bot that I try to keep an eye on.

    I'd much rather see the result grayed out, but visible.

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    I'm not in a position to search but I seem to recall that this feature was added because things people did not like happened when the "ignore me stores" were present. Specifically if an ignore me store was present and a purchase attempt was made the purchase attempt aborted various automations.

    Graying out a result and then knowing that mafia should not even try and make a purchase is feasible, but might not be appropriate in a purchase GUI. However I think the GUI may already be handling (unavailable) NPC stores as a special case so...

    Using KoLmafia, even interactively, to monitor mall prices does seem like a step towards a Mall Bot, something that would not be supported.

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    r18722 shows ignoring stores in mall search if showIgnoringStorePrices is set to true (but doesn't let you try to purchase them).

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