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    I am trying to get a script to automate casting Rain Man. However the visit_url command keeps looping in mafia at the "Encounter: Rainy Fax Dreams on your Wedding Day" page. The command I am using is below. And I have tried several variations are with the same result. Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong with it or if there is another method to automate rain man?

    		cli_execute("cast rain man");	
                    visit_url("choice.php?pwd="+my_hash()+"&whichchoice=970&whichmonster=1942&option=1&choice2='and Fight!'",false);
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    			print("Rain Faxing in a "+RainManMonster);
    			//boolean dummy = use_skill(1,$skill[Rain Man]);
    This is what my script uses. I commented out the skill cast for some reason, probably because it caused mafia to go all smart on me and break something. If I had to guess it would have been trying to automate the choice adventure it found me in, not know what to do, and abort the script to ask me. Aside from that, you want to submit a POST request for the second link, and comparing the two, you don't need to submit the 'and Fight!' part, that is what option=1 is all about in the first place.

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    That did the trick. Thanks!

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