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Thread: "asdonmartin fuel" command does not reset outfit change

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    Default "asdonmartin fuel" command does not reset outfit change

    > asdonmartin fuel 10 soda bread
    Verifying     ingredients for loaf of soda bread (10)...
    Putting on outfit: Bugbear     Costume
    Equipment changed.
    Purchasing wad of dough (10 @ 47)...
    You     spent 470 Meat
    You acquire wad of dough (10)
    Purchases complete.
    Purchasing     soda water (10 @ 66)...
    You spent 660 Meat
    You acquire soda water     (10)
    Purchases complete.
    Creating loaf of soda bread (10)...
    You     acquire loaf of soda bread (10)
    Successfully created loaf of soda bread     (10)
    Converting 10 loaf of soda breads into Fuel
    As I am a non-Knoll sign, the Bugbear Costume is equipped to purchase the wads of dough, but not reset after the command has finished.

    "acquire" works fine, so I expect it just needs a "SpecialOutfit.createImplicitCheckpoint();" / "SpecialOutfit.restoreImplicitCheckpoint();" around the "InventoryManager.retrieveItem( item )" bit.

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    That looks right. I noticed this a while ago, but I thought the outfit handling was supposed to be in retrieveItem() and didn't want to dig into that. Fixed in 18635.

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