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    Default Outfit Switching

    I ran Ezandora's FantasyRealm script, which worked fine. It left the FantasyRealm G.E.M. equipped. I then ran Veracity's Meat Farm script and walked away to refill my coffee cup. When I returned I noticed my stats were low because the G.E.M was still equipped. I stopped scripts. I switched to an outfit with the G.E.M. in Gear Changer and then to the Meat Drop outfit and the G.E.M. had been unequipped. I was surprised at this so I put on the G.E.M. outfit on in Gear Changer and then brought up the Relay Browser and switched to the Meat Drop outfit. As I expected it could not equip everything because the G.E.M. reduced stats were too low for some equipment.

    If everything happened as I just described I think it suggests that there are two paths to change outfits, one used by Gear Changer and the other used by the Relay Browser and possibly Veracity's script. I could argue that they should do the same thing when an outfit cannot be equipped. I could argue that some stat reducing items should always be unequipped before changing outfits which could be done automagically by mafia. A Best Practice by script writers who need the items equipped might be to unequip them at exit. Being argumentative today, I could argue that the failure to equip all the components of a defined outfit should be an abort in the context of a script. Or I could just learn about these things the hard way and remember to manually unequip the G.E.M, Personal Ventilation unit, etc.

    Well, thank you.
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    The FantasyRealm G. E. M. limits stats? It's weird how you have to have that equipped to access the rubee store. Script updated to unequip on exit.

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