Here's a script that I wrote that will tell you every item that you can use for rollover bonus PVP Fights, while in a pathed "Standard" type ascension.

It's designed for the Softcore user, but can be used in HC (but it's pretty worthless in HC)

It will give you a printout of all the items you currently have in your inventory, and storage, and how many pulls you have remaining. It will also tell you how many bonus fights you will receive from said item.

It will take into account your current muscle, mysticality & moxie, and won't tell you that you can use an item that you can not equip yet.

If you have 0 pulls left, it will just advise you as to what you have on-hand to equip.

I took the base of my Standard-Rollover-Bonus script, and modified it for PVP.

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