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Thread: Consistent "Unexpected Error" making a debug log every day.

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    Default Consistent "Unexpected Error" making a debug log every day.

    I have to keep pruning my folder of the debug logs, since it generates one every day. It doesn't seem to actually affect anything really, but it's getting annoying. I get it when I'm farming Barf Mountain with my random monster modifier setup. Here's an example situation where it occurs:

    [210048] Barf Mountain
    Encounter: American, hilarious garbage tourist
    Round 0: aabattery wins initiative!
    Round 1: aabattery executes a macro!
    Round 1: aabattery casts POCKET CRUMBS!
    Round 2: aabattery executes a macro!
    Round 2: aabattery casts FURIOUS WALLOP!
    Unexpected error, debug log printed.
    Round 3: garbage tourist drops 10 defense.
    Round 3: aabattery wins the fight!
    It's kind of hard to tell when it happens, so that's all I can give you.

    I'll attach the debug log, too: DEBUG_20180421.txt

    Pretty sure it's the same error every time, repeated several times a day.

    My best guess is the "hilarious" modifier is screwing something up, since the log mentions the "StringTokenizer" is where the issue is happening. It's also not reporting the meat gain from Furious Wallop like it should (I'm using the mafia pointer finger ring), so I think the meat gain has "salad" in it and it confuses KoLMafia. But I could be wrong, just trying to help.
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    Try r18572 - untested.

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    Lookin good so far - no debug log today, and I did observe it correctly reporting the meat gain from a crit while a monster had the 'hilarious' modifier.

    That said it has occasionally not generated a debug log before for a day, and it might not have changed the text in the problem area in this specific case (assuming my hunch was correct), so I can't say with certainty that it was fixed...but it seems very likely, to me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Unfortunately Salad is so hilarious it'll even replace HTML pieces, it isn't just replacing visible text. As a result quite often this will fail to work correctly. This fix won't necessarily work (eg maybe you saw the meat gain, but missed an item drop), but also should stop it breaking Mafia when it does (in that place).

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