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Thread: dailyprice.log (fixing networh.ash)

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    Question dailyprice.log (fixing networh.ash)

    I'm trying to get networh.ash up and running again ( Every build on that last page has the same issue. When you run it Mafia reports "Problem occured while loading dailyprice.log"
    I can't figure out where that is, I've tried opening up both CFStat and network_CFStat and neither of them contails "daily" let alone "dailyprice.log" (I even tried looking in zlib to no avail.)
    Does anyone know what this is and/or how to fix it?
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    My hypothesis.

    dailyprice.log is referenced in PriceLib.ash. It is obtained from is still registered but accessing the site in a browser suggests that that the host has suspended the site.

    I have not followed the versions to confirm that PriceLib is a dependency but that's where I'd place my money.

    I note that CFStat has been tweaked to work with some version of networth. I might look at that...

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    Default is hosted by PSY (#231760). Last Login: March 23, 2018

    You might message him to see whats up, or to see if you can get a copy of the last dailyprice.log

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