I set up a custom combat script to cast Get A Good Whiff skill from the Nosy Nose.

[ default ]
if match "black panther"
    while hasskill get a good
        skill get a good whiff of this guy
    attack with weapon
if match "black friar"
    skill snokebomb
attack with weapon
On the first time it encounters black panther, it works fine and casts the skill. However, on the second black panther, the hasskill function fails, and it still attempts to cast get a good whiff when that skill is not available. As a result, I get the error shown below:

[9448] The Black Forest
Encounter: black panther
Round 0: mrtang63 wins initiative!
Round 1: mrtang63 executes a macro!
Round 1: mrtang63 casts GET A GOOD WHIFF OF THIS GUY!
KoLmafia thinks it is round 2 but KoL thinks it is round 1
You're on your own, partner.
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Am I using my combat macro script code wrong here?

On a side note, this script works perfectly in kol inbuilt combat macros function, so I was confused as to why it does not work the same in Kolmafia.