I've been testing the maximizer and I'm having trouble when I'm using the simulate function.

On the wiki it explains that "Generated:_spec" is the main purpose of using simulate. So when I test this code:
maximize("meat drop", true);
print("Max meat:"+numeric_modifier("Generated:_spec", "meat drop"));
maximize("meat drop + equip mafia thumb ring", true);
print("Max meat + thumb ring:"+numeric_modifier("Generated:_spec", "meat drop"));
I get these value in the gli
Max meat:600.0
Max meat + thumb ring:630.0

Obviously the thumb ring should give a lower score. When I run simulate = false I get the actual value that kolmafia reports in the info pane.
Max meat:750.0
Max meat + thumb ring:705.0

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.