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Thread: When open a Gift packages, log who sent it.

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    Default When open a Gift packages, log who sent it.

    I've been churning ascensions - finished my Normal Standard Cycle and my first HC Standard run - and, as happens, people send me Stuff.
    For some reason, I failed to actually look at the Stuff (in Plain Brown Wrappers) for several weeks and waited until now to open them.

    Somebody sent me 185 rubber emo roe, which is generous enough that I'd send a thank-you note - but the window was overwritten before I could note who it was.

    Since it more than 2 weeks ago, it is not in my kmail.
    It's not in my session log.

    I wish KoLmafia would parse the response and say who sent the package when it logs the gift package opening in the session log.
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    r18592. Only tested with HTML of From: message from plain brown wrapper, but hopefully it is fairly standard, as Wiki doesn't list it.

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