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Thread: A humble request for help with my daily deeds relay script

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    Question A humble request for help with my daily deeds relay script

    I wrote a relay script a while ago that appends the daily deeds on the main page. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

    I'm looking to add a few things, and I was hoping to be pointed in the right direction. I'm not asking for anyone to do the work for me.

    1> Is there a pref that shows whether the Still is available? I want to add Still uses to my script, but if there isnt a pref to show just the availability, I was going to do something like:

    if class = at or db & hasskill supercock & guild_store_available() = true & stills_available < 10, goto still
    if class = pete & stills_available < 10, goto workshed

    2> I know that you can get your garden via get_campground() (I forgot how to display that in the gcli, I've been away for a while), but is there a streamlined way of getting your garden information? I could whip up a script that parses the information, but it would be a bit long. What I'm looking to do is basically:

    if garden isn't empty or non existent, display (x garden, y days, z item), goto pick garden.

    3> Now that clans are parsed, I was wondering if there were prefs for certain rumpus room items that are variable, namely:

    * An Exotic Hanging Meat Orchid
    * A Soda Machine / A Jukebox / A Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game
    * An Old-Timey Radio / A Potted Meat Bush
    * A Snack Machine / A Potted Meat Tree

    4> Is there a pref that shows whether all of your Mumming items are consumed for the day? I was hoping to add a deed based on whether the trunk was empty or not.


    I may have other questions later, but for the time being, if you got this far and looked at my script, I thank you kindly. If you looked at it and wish to give any other pointers, or show me how this script is god's punishment for man's hubris, I also thank you kindly

    All the best,
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