My characters tend used to be meat poor. So when I would run the mazimizer in ronin it would always suggest pull&equip. Thanks to Veracity's meat farming script and a lack of motivation to repeat certain paths, there is much more meat than before. Now that I am running softcore again, I now get buy&pull&equip. What I really want is a pull but don't buy option. There isn't one but I wondered if using the price limit would come close enough.

So I ran and got the attached.


What I was expecting was that any suggestion of buy&pull&equip would be for an item that was 100 or less. The suggested tiny plastic has a 419 price. (Same results with buyable only selected).

Why was it suggested?

I would have expected no suggestion because of the cost limit. Bug? Difference between using an actual mall price in the calculation but displaying the fifth lowest? Operator error? Something else?