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Thread: Pantogram resistance wrong

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    Default Pantogram resistance wrong

    Adventuring at Twin Peaks showed my stench resistance at 4-5, while in reality it was 2-3 (3 being after casting astral shell).

    modtrace stench res showed these buffs:
    Type source stench res (cumulative)
    Skill Diminished Gag Reflex +2.00 =+2.00
    Item Pantogram Pants +2.00 =+4.00
    Effect Astral Shell +1.00 =+5.00

    Pantogram were tuned to Spooky Resistance, and as such I failed the noncombat twice (as shown in log).

    Downloading the latest version (r.18369 at time of writing) and logging back in fixed this problem, showing the correct values.
    Logging back on the older version updated the resistance to spooky, and now the correct values are shown. As such, I have been unable to reproduce this bug.

    KoLmafia v17.12 r18361
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