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Thread: can_interact() doesn't get re-set when you free the king

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    Default can_interact() doesn't get re-set when you free the king

    I've been using bmaher's Digitize Warning script which calls can_interact() & noticed I still get warned about my digitized counter being up after I've freed the king. A little bit of testing reveals the culprit is can_interact().

    It only happens in the same KoLMafia session (as in, I complete my run & free the king then go do aftercore stuff before the next rollover without restarting KoLMafia) so I suspect it's only set once per session and never again.

    Not a massive issue but I thought I should report it just in case it breaks someone else's script or runs over their dog or burns down their house or something.

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    You mean the first counter that expires after freeing the king, correct? The one that gets set to warn you before you free the king, and stays that way after freeing the king because the script doesn't care enough to stop warning you for that single counter?

    If you don't think that's the cause here, then more details are needed.

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