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Thread: KoLmafia showing erratic behaviour

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    In terms of memory usage the bar at the top right, tends to hover around 90,000KB to 200,000KB. But at times, it would suddenly spike to 600,000 KB to 700,000 KB out of 1,864,192KB.

    Is this normal? Any suggestions on how to reduce it's memory usage?
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    Memory management is the kind of thing a dev worries about and usually only if there is a problem that allowing the system to "garbage collect" does not solve. So my knee jerk reaction is that, while it might not be "normal" it is easily explained by user activity. I seem to recall, for example, that some operations dealing with all Items or a loaded display case will spike observed usage. So the suggestion would be, "relax, don't worry about it". The reason devs ask is because if KoLmafia needs more memory than your system can provide that may introduce errors that are not expected and thus be responsible for anomalous behavior. The other factor is that there are coding choices that can make it so memory cannot be garbage collected. If that is happening it should be fixed by a dev and the usual symptom is that memory usage rises and falls but the "lows" tend to increase the longer mafia has been running.
    You just vehemently agreed with me
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    I agree with frono.
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    Just an update on my situation, basically I realised my home's wifi network which I have been using Kolmafia on all this time could be the source of the problem.

    For the first time, I started tethering my phone's 4G network and use it to play kolmafia, suddenly all the problems disappeared, I can login with ease, and the scripts run flawlessly without hanging at all.

    This to me is very bizzare because while using my home's wifi apart from Kolmafia has lagging/hanging (be it stuck at login or running scripts and hanging midway), I never had any issue surfing the web, streaming videos, etc. So I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. Just putting what I observed here.

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    The meat in my closet isn't showing up in Meat Manager. The meat is there, but showing up as '0'. And while transfers between closet and inventory works (and vice versa), it returns a Transfer failed for Meat Gained: xxx and Transfer failed for xxx meat.
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    I noticed that after turning on "forcibly timeout laggy requests" option, kolmafia still gets stuck, but after a few minutes, it manages to resume the script.

    Is it possible to make it forcibly timeout laggy requests faster so that it takes less time?
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